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Posted by me 2 days after my most recent birthday, Mar 17th, 2020 (72 yrs old)

My darling man and I had Filet of Soul, and I did not attempt to correct my spelling error in this case! It was a lovely fish and a fine day! Nothing frozen here except yours truly. No chemicals, but I took my meds while I can still get them . . . and I successfully quit cannabis altogether, and would advise against it's use now. These days and nights are very demanding and deserve our full attention and lucidity.

Special thanks and apologies to all of my "subscription" patrons, and no thanks to sites such as Patreon and, well, they all know who and what they are. I surely do not.

I, Jessica Jennifer Williams, have no interest in whatever I am accused of. I am too open now to tell a lie, ever. "A lie is a secret and they are often the same thing" — A quote from "Avatar", a movie by James Cameron, I believe. It's a very artful and powerful movie.

I love people and never want to hurt anyone, but my site is down and I have lost all access to my money — and much more. If you come here frequently, be careful. I have NO ACCESS to my orders or my email.

I cannot get into my own website (this one), and have now been blocked from access, so take music and stuff while you can, all free of charge.

Special Times demand Special Measures.

» Jessica Williams on NPR's "Piano Jazz" with Marian Mcpartland --- They want me to be as I was, playing the piano --- but now I cannot play, think, or walk, and am going away as they say in today's black-hat code. I do not own a piano, O Masters of my Fate. You do not own me, my family, or my gifts.

I use freakin' Dreamweaver, an older version. My best unix core computer is from almost 16 years ago.

Experts, check out my code. I am an lousy coder but a very lucky one!

I only wanted to give my own music away, but even friends in NYC are losing their businesses, and shutting down all services.

I wish you ALL good luck during these trying times, and pray for safety to every friend that knows me and believes me, and even those who do not. To those who do not, I cannot stop the horrible illnesses that lay waste to our beautiful lands.

I had NO HAND in this awful virus, and I never ever try to steal money. That was a group of what we used to call "the bad guys."

I still try to care for myself, and yet I still try to save my own family. I plead with you to do the same, and to succeed in our efforts to restore our democracies and our freedoms. I do NOT have access to this page (it must be a busy day for agitators and thieves), nor can I access my PayPal Account.

I try and try, but now I MUST stay away from "the thinking machines" for health reasons.

This text may change in the next minute, as I myself am ill and unable to fight them anymore. They can do amazing things with their "new tech", including microwaves and sound.

Truth is, none of us know our death-date, and everyone is afraid of it, but it is unavoidable and part of the fabric of life itself.

Listen to old Beatles (white album), Bob Dylan, and Curtis Mayfield, and all that you LOVE while you can. While this storm rages, you can have what you can dig up here as far as E-downloads, but my physical CDs or LPs are ONLY available now at iTunes, Amazon, and other HUGE RETAIL OUTLETS.

And to all girls and women, you are now our natural defenders, so let's all be tigresses now - like the ones we watch in MARVEL COMIX, (the movies), and remember author Stan Lee's immortal words:

"What's the matter with you kids, you never seen a MONSTER before?" or the words of Cap'n America, "If you get hit, worry about it later, and if you get killed, walk it off."

BETTER YET, see Captain MAR-VEL, the female angel that is just too wonderful for words!

Watch SpaceBalls, by Mel Brooks. Watch "The Simpsons" {the cartoon movie).



Here are some free things from me which I hope you can access and enjoy:



or try the non-secure equivalents such as


some of which which were changed by trained agents.

No links have been changed by me or anyone that I know.

I am not an agent for anyone but for me and my family. and accuse NO-ONE.

No phones work here but otherwise we have been stopped by "the virus".

Be safe, see CDC or WHO sites for more info, and remember that only MUSIC is the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, and LOVE is the only REAL THING on this planet. All else may be rich with crime.

This message would be longer and more coherent, but I have some sort of "thing", and I may die without regret or remorse, for I have had a fun career and can never repeat the good luck and unwavering LOVE you all have shown to me. THANK YOU ALL!

Being a big fan of futuristic speculation, I still firmly believe that science is a good thing, and that the fictions made today will become the MAGIC of tomorrow.

When any leadership leans towards the "Dark Side", many women in Alliance are our best hope. Please see the Mel Brooks series, and remember that LAUGHTER is a simple road to LOGIC, HARMONY, FREEDOM, and PEACE. Good and bad are not interchangeable!

Always GO UP, and NEVER GO DOWN!!!

Be strong, be mindful, and never doubt your gut-emotions. Our minds (at least mine) are often easily fooled. I just always trust people in general. Be all that you can be and work towards thebecoming finest version of yourself. We can NOT take it with us, so enjoy LIFE now. It is truly amazing!

Bobby McFerrin sang a song . . .

"Into every life comes trouble,

When you worry you make it double,

Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

Filmed with Robin Williams and Dan Akroyd.

Love to you, from I, Jessica Williams, Pianist, Composer, Giver, and People-Person, no matter WHAT may go down!!!

Also, enjoy THE HANGING TREE, from THE HUNGER GAMES, sung by Jennifer Lawrence.


I make Music and I compose it too. Music is Magic to me, and I hope you enjoy the Magic!Please buy my Music from me - the corporate sites do not pay meThe Fundamental Things Apply, as Time Goes By . . .Song of Earth

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"Jessica Williams is one of the greatest jazz pianists I have ever heard." - Dave Brubeck

"Jessica Williams is a beautiful player." - McCoy Tyner

"I will say on record that I think she is the finest pianist of our time. And her records are, bar none, the most consistently immaculate and for your hard-earned dollars, a Jessica Williams album is a no-brainer" - All About Jazz

"This is easy. Jessica Williams doesn't make bad records." - JazzNow

"Jessica is a powerful virtuoso, a brilliant solo player, and a 'giant of music', consistently brilliant." - The All Music Guide

"Jessica is vibrant force on the contemporary music scene." - Rolling Stone

"Her mastery is equaled by her swing, her power matched by her dexterity." - Downbeat

"Her style and technique embrace a very original combination of wit, grace, introspection and white heat." - JazzTimes see more . . .




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