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The High Cost of Free By Kathleen Richards -- A new documentary takes a hard look at how the digital age has eroded the value of music and the ability of musicians to make a living..."Thirteen years since the Internet Revolution, I watched all of the artists around me make less and less while their popularity increased"

Pandora VP on "Replacing" Radio, and How it Is Winning Local By Brad Hill

How To Give Someone 20 Million Songs for 2014 By Eliot Van Buskirk

Technology Didn't Kill the Music Industry. The Fans Did... By Sahpreem A. King -- The ideology behind music freemium has destroyed the working class musician and independent labels.

NMPA Shows That Standing Up For Your Rights is a Good Thing for Everyone By Chris Castle

Who's Afraid of the TPP? By David Newhoff -- Let's be clear, the internet industry lobbies for and tries to sell the public a world view in which all activity online exists outside any law...

Connected Air: Smart Dust Is The Future Of The Quantified World By Dan Rowinski -- They call it Smart Dust, but these microscopic sensors could change the way we interact with the world.

Must See Blake Morgan Interview with Shannan Ferry on Respect for Music and Musicians By Chris Castle -- Thanks to Blake for being such an articulate advocate for artist rights. If anyone else feels inspired to do so, there's room in the dugout. [Watch this link.]

Why Does Google Play's Tim Quirk Show Such Disdain for Musicians? By Helienne Lindvall -- Musician turned digital music executive hits the wrong note with artists and composers over rights and royalties.

Brand Spend on Music Hits £100m, But Does it Damage the Artist's Integrity? By Martin Davies -- Both sides benefit when it works, yet there's substantial risk involved for the artist if it doesn't...

The New Napster: Mobile File-Sharing By Corey Crossfield -- As the rise of mobile messaging apps take over the current mobile user population, the ways fans interact with music are changing...Many mobile users are starting to figure out how to download music through mobile messaging applications and their smartphones.

[Google's march to the sea to suck the creator out of creativity continues.] Google Prevails Over Authors in Book-Scanning US Lawsuit By Jonathan Stempel - Google Inc on Thursday won dismissal of a lawsuit by authors who accused the Web search and media group of digitally copying millions of books for an online library without permission.

Google Uses 'Bucket' to Remove 'Ocean' of Pirated Search Results By Jeffrey Thompson -- Torrent Freak has added up all of Google's weekly "Request to Remove Content" reports for 2013 to determine that copyright holders have requested more than 200 million links be removed from Google's search results so far this year.

'12 Years A Slave' Is This Year's Best Film About Music By Ann Powers -- 12 Years a Slave is the most compelling film about music to be released this year, maybe this century...director Steve McQueen [follows] the lead of his fiddler main character, to root out the way music has fed both racism and the fight against it since the time that his hero, Solomon Northrup, first earned his living playing Africanized tunes at white people's parties.

[MUST READ] Slaves of the Internet, Unite! . . . By Tim Kreider -- They really do admire your work, just not enough to pay one cent for it.

The Vast Majority Of Music Online Goes Basically Unpurchased . . . By Rob Wile -- Here's an insane stat: 98.9% of all digital music tracks in existence in 2011 sold fewer than 1,000 copies.

The Internet Will Suck All Creative Content Out of the World . . . By David Byrne -- The boom in digital streaming may generate profits for record labels and free content for consumers, but it spells disaster for today's artists across the creative industries.

VIDEO: I've Spent Two Years Making a Documentary About What Really Happened to Musicians By Paul Resnikoff -- The following comes from producer, composer, engineer and now activist Mikael Eldridge (aka, Count), who has spent the past two years making a film about the realities musicians actually face in a digitized industry. [I thought I had run access to this video before, but can't find it in the archives. If I did run it, it's worth running again because it's time for every creator in the world to get publicly upset about being used! DK]

How Spotify and its Digital Music Rivals Can Win Over Artists: 'Just Include Us' ... By Stuart Dredge -- How can digital music services win praise from musicians, rather than the kind of attacks recently aimed at Spotify by Thom Yorke and David Byrne? on VEVO: 'They're Forcing Artists to Support Brands They Don't Like' By Paul Resnikoff

Who Tracks the Trackers That Track You Online? You Can, with Lightbeam By Brian Fung

What the Heck Happened to Track Sales? . . . By Glenn Peoples -- Last week, track sales in the United States totaled 19.8 million units, an incredible 15% lower than the same week in 2012 and the lowest weekly total of 2013. A dip below 20 million units is remarkable.

SiriusXM Attacks The Turtles for Playing 'Lawsuit Lottery' . . . By Eriq Gardner -- The satellite radio giant says that attempts to hold the company liable for pre-1972 sound recordings would "radically overturn decades of settled practice."

Merlin CEO: Major Labels Are Setting New Music Services Up to Fail . . . By Janko Roettgers -- Merlin CEO Charles Caldas alleged that major labels (are) demanding that new services pay them huge minimum guarantees — advances on royalties that have to be spent regardless of whether the music is actually consumed, or whether the service is even able to go to market. These demands are based on their physical goods market share, in turn not leaving enough money on the table for artist.

NSA Address Book Spying in One FAQ . . . By Ashkan Soltani -- The NSA is sweeping up the information of thousands of Americans. Google has more info about all of us than the NSA will ever have and has shown time and again how unashamedly irresponsible they are by using it to flagrantly trample everyone's rights.

The Web Ain't Sherwood Forest–Except Maybe for the Mercatus Center, Koch Industries, A.L.E.C. and Google . . . By Ellen Seidler --You must read this short – but fact packed – article to begin to understand the inner sanctum of outright lies, deception and slight of hand that permeate big tech's assault on creator's rights. Piracy apologists would have us believe that it's actually the content creators who are to blame when their movies, music and books are pirated. The rhetoric is always the same old, same old – a stale mantra of "outdated business models" and blame the victim verbiage. This predictable tripe reemerged (Oct. 15th) on a new website called that published (splashy, but false) new data that supposedly supports the idea that piracy is Hollywood's fault.'s data dump is clearly yet another attempt by Google, and its stealth lobbyists (dressed as academics) to muddy the debate and undermine the rights of content creators.

Google's Fallacious Piracy Self-Study (Part 1) . . . The Trichordist -- Even if you discount the moral hazard involved with funding a study of yourself, the Google survey of Google's involvement with piracy is a breathtaking document.

This Google-Backed BitTorrent Service is Sending Malware to Users . . . By Nina Ulloa

Mobile Giant Telefónica Takes Stake in Rhapsody International . . . By Glenn Peoples -- In a deal that has the potential to rapidly expand its global footprint, mobile giant Telefónica will take an undisclosed stake in Rhapsody International, the wholly-owned foreign division of U.S.-based music subscription service Rhapsody. As a result, Napster, Rhapsody's brand outside of the United States, has an opportunity to grow in Europe and Latin America.

Private Copy Levy on Digital Lockers Proposed in Europe . . . By Chris Cooke -- With the introduction of a “private copy right” into UK copyright law now imminent, and with the music industry's reported intent to fight the government's decision to introduce that new copyright exemption without compensation for rights owners, discussions in Europe around copyright levies are becoming increasingly important for the British music business.

Musicians, Does Your Website Matter? . . . By Brad

How Pop Music's ‘Bounciness' Has Shifted Since 1950 . . . Echo Nest

Pandora's CFO Says Spotify 'Isn't Doing Well' and Its 'Financials Aren't Pretty' . . . By Paul Resnikoff -- So, which streaming service is more completely corrupt?

Twitter #Music App to Shut Down After Just Six Months . . . By Will Conley

BitTorrent 99% Infringing, 100% Disinformation...Now with Ads . . . By The Trichordist

USC Studies How Online Piracy Profits from Advertising Revenues . . . By The Trichordist

Google Shares Soar Above $1,000 a Share . . . By Om Malik -- It's a good day for Googlers, as the company's stock has crossed an ephemeral milestone: $1,000 a share.

The Beginner's Guide to Spotify . . . By Marissa Cetin -- If you're just dipping your toe into the stream, follow our beginner's guide and soon you'll be listening to Spotify's massive library without the worry of losing precious hard drive space.

Musicians: Don't Let Google Hijack Your Brand With 'Shared Endorsements' . . . By Clyde Smith