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I have had nothing but satisfied customers, and I've been running our successful Internet business since 1997 (before Google!) Below are some customer testimonials. This is the page I come to when I feel blue or off-course. It straightens me out.

My customers, my fans, my friends: The people that have purchased my music from this web site are among some of the most beautiful, spiritually elevated human beings I have ever had the pleasure to know. Most I have never formally met, but their souls and mine are joined by this Music and the love that inspires it. I stand in the shadow of giants, and I share this gift from the Universe openly and with reverence and humility. This is more than a job to me. It is a mission, and one I'm deeply blessed to follow. Thank you all so very much for the incredible support. And I mean INCREDIBLE! Why do I play? Here's the reason, all on one page. And this is just a small sampling. Who's a lucky girl? I don't know anyone so lucky as I! - Jessica Williams, Dec 1, 2015

mailto:jjw1948@gmail.coms about my Music and my business:

itemDate: Sept 2nd, 2015, 2015 - Dear Jessica, Many thanks for the CD-gift that you sent me with the ones I ordered.The package arrived perfectly.  I am already enjoying the CDs. I wish all the best for you and I hope in the future  to continue  buying more records from you and  enjoying your music. Thanks for it. Best regards Luis ___, Spain

itemDate: Feb 28, 2015 - Dear Ms. Williams, I don't know how to thank you for your music, your life, your good heart. The best I can do is work on my own music and hope that something of your spirit rings its way in. The best compliment I can give to another human being is to tell you that your music--and your thinking about music--push me to be a better person. Music is my constant prayer for you. Jed ___, Tempe, AZ

itemDate: Feb 27, 2015 - I have been enjoying listening to your music with great pleasure for the last twenty years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I'm sure that there are many others who do, and would love to hear you again. Let's hope 2015 turns out well. Very best regards, Malcolm ___, UK

itemDate: Feb 24, 2015 - I just wanted to say that your music is an inspiration. I haven’t bought any CDs in years but I bought a few of yours from your website the other day and I can’t wait for them to arrive - a personal christmas present you might say. If you ever make it to Spain I’ll come and see you play. Matthew ___, Spain

itemDate: Feb 22, 2015 - Dearest Jessica, It exceeded my expectations, which were very high, and even my dreams. Nothing can be better than filling a heart with song. I hope you are finally over the crud you had and further hope the back you wish you didn't have starts to mend. Did I mention that the CD has not left my car stereo since I opened it? Gratefully, Irwin ___, Texas

itemDate: Feb 21, 2015 - Hi Jessica! I hope the holidays are going well for you. I've been listening to "Last Trane" over and over again while I've been writing my latest script. The song has been an incredible inspiration to me and I'm so grateful to you for your amazing composition and performance. THANK YOU!!!! Nick ___

itemDate: Feb 21, 2015 - Dear Jessica - I can't tell you how much I love your playing. It really inspires me. Not only have you incredible technique but the feeling and passion you convey really moves me. I live in Scotland but would dearly love to hear you place live one day. With love and wishes for pain free days sitting at your piano! Cindy Douglas ___, Scotland

itemDate: Feb 20, 2015 - Hi Jessica, Your music is gorgeous and tactile, and your poem is insatiable, raw, and vulnerable--almost clinical in its interior journey. Just wonderful! John ___, Dallas, Texas

itemDate: Feb 18, 2015 - I was just listening to your wonderful version of Soldaji from Live at Yoshi's and it just made me so happy to be alive!! Please let me know if there is anything I could do to get you up here to Seattle again. Much love, David ___

itemDate: Feb 16, 2015 - I "discovered" you on Jazz24 where I heard Kristen earlier this week. I found some of your music on Youtube, and I played Kristen over and over, and I shuffled it with some Tommy Flannigan on Pandora where I now how a Jessica Williams Channel. I know they pay you almost nothing for these plays. I am so sorry for that. We wish you all good things. Thank you for the gorgeous, perfect, authentic jazz. George ___

itemDate: Feb 12, 2015 - I currently have about 18 of your CDs - a long way to go yet! I first heard about you on Humphrey Lyttelton's (much loved and much missed trumpeter and gentleman) UK radio programme, many years ago. And have never looked back. You are a truly amazing artist - probably the best, most sensitive pianist I've ever heard. Though I too am a great fan of Glenn Gould. His fingers seem to be independently sprung! Many years ago, when there were many more record shops, your records were occasionally reviewed in the press. Since you became independent this never happens now, and sales over here are to the already converted. This is a pity, and something needs to be done to promote your amazing talent more widely - though I don't know what. Anyway, much love and best wishes from a great fan. George ___, UK

itemDate: Feb 10, 2015 - Hi Jessica- Your music is SO beautiful! I am currently listening to your album "With Love" and enjoying it immensely. I fully agree with your current direction of playing from the soul and "less is better". Always have felt that sparse treatment combined with master execution (soul) is the recipe for creating memorable music. I have just "found" you through my jazz passion for excellent piano music. I was listening this morning to Pandora, where I had created a new music "station" that began with Bill Charlap..... I then added variety, as you can on Pandora...... and added Brad Mehldau, Bill Evans, Red Garland, and Keith Jarrett. With this expanded, piano focused station, you emerged from the Pandora software wonderland! Grateful to have "found" you. I am only sorry that I live in Philadelphia. I would LOVE to be in a room close to the piano to hear you play! You are unbelievably talented! mThank you! BRUCE (PS) Truly blown away by your treatment of "But Beautiful"! Bruce ___, Doyelestown, PA

itemDate: Nov 2, 2014 - Hi Ms. Williams, Wanted to let you know that I heard your recording of As Time Goes By on Thursday night on Public Radio in Sacramento. It stopped me in my tracks. What a terrific and original interpretation. I'd love to see you play in person. I live in southern California. Do you get down this way much? Alan ___

itemDate: Nov 1, 2014 - The CD’s arrived yesterday, along with your free gift CD. Thank you so much! The CD changer in my car is now all Jessica Williams all the time! I will be ordering more of your albums directly from you. I’ve been a fan ever since I first heard you and I’ve introduced your music to many, many people. I just recently discovered your website and will now direct people there to buy your music. Believe me when I say that I can literally listen to your music for hours at a time. Keep making beautiful music - Guy ___

itemDate: Sept 20, 2014 - We in Melbourne Australia are probably the largest and oldest hifi / music club. This month we invited members to bring along their special music to share -- the best reason to be in a club like ours. I chose TOUCH for its appeal to those who think they don't like jazz,  and to show them what you can do, with love and skill in the service of the music. At the end they clapped.  That doesn't happen. I told them they must buy ... anything, and only from you direct.  They are a slothful lot, but just perhaps . . . Regards, Pete ___ , Australia

itemDate: Sept 14, 2014 - Dear Jessica, Got your two CDs — you have my highest respect.  (Thanks too for the free extra.)  Monk said “Play yourself” and for my tastes, you’re the most unique pianist on today’s scene. Best, Michael

itemDate: Sept 10, 2014 - Ms. Williams: My wife and I are listening to you now as we contemplate a memorial service for our beloved friend, Rita ___, who passed away in San Francisco last February.  You were a very important part of her life as she was to ours, and we just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying your music at this moment. We will be memorializing her life this coming weekend in Wisconsin, and you can be sure that we will be playing your music as we recall our great times together. Rob and Margaret ___

itemDate: Sept 2, 2014 - Thank you ma'am. I'm going to England next Saturday. My parents and I love your music. Hope you're doing well. Take care. Simon ___

itemDate: Sept 2, 2014 - Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much my family and I appreciate your album, Heartland. I have never heard anything quite like it. This album is constantly playing at my grandparents' house and in my car. I am a fourteen year old musician and I recommend your albums to my friends and teachers. Thank you for beautiful music! Your fan, Annika ___

itemDate: Aug 29, 2014 - Glad I could donate to your healing fund. Aren't loving life partners just the best?  It took me a long time (till I was 57) to find one.... worth the wait, though, yes?  I am SO happy that you have found someone who cherishes and cares for you.  A lot of other stuff falls into perspective. Take care, dear. Steven ___

itemDate: Aug 22, 2014 - Thank you for your wonderful cd's . . . my friend told me that this is as close to my favorite pianist (Bill Evans) as i will hear at this point in time - M Wall

itemDate: Aug 12, 2014 - As a supporter of a local jazz group, I've encouraged them to get you to do a concert here.  However your medical problems prevented it.  I hope you are doing better now. Keep playing and all the best for your future,  Rollin ___

Date: May 12, 2014 - Jessica, I've been listening to "With Love" and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. Truly some beautiful, sensitive playing that reminds me in some places of Bill Evans. You said that your playing sounds different now, and you're right - it does sound different, but it's a beautiful different! - Cynthia ___

itemDate: March 22, 2014 - Jessica, Thanks for your wonderful and, also, for the free download, which I will do tonight or tomorrow! I was so surprised to see your this morning. I am glad that, all this time, you’ve been living that connection to the music and the power of it and all of its possibilities to transform individual listeners and the world. Just what we’re here for – each other and life. So glad you are recuperating and that you have never given up. You’re passing your inspiration around. Thanks. I feel like there’s more and more I’d like to say, but it all comes down to a big bunch of gratitude that has no need for words. I know from your and from your music that you know all about that. All the best to you, Ted ___

itemDate: Mar 21, 2014 - I was thinking I might not get return from you directly. To my surprise and to my pleasure, I could talk to you in person thanks to internet. I wish you great happiness too. Thank you very much for your generous gifts in the name of music. Haruto ___, Japan

itemDate: Mar 2, 2013 - Hi Jessica, Your music is gorgeous and tactile, and your poetry is insatiable, raw, and vulnerable - almost clinical in its interior journey. Just wonderful! John ___, Dallas TX

itemDate: Feb 12, 2014 - Dear Jessica, I've been following your travails and longing for you to get back to playing your piano. I can't tell you how much I love your playing. It really inspires me. Not only have you incredible technique but the feeling and passion you convey really moves me. I live in Scotland but would dearly love to hear you place live here again one day. With love and wishes for pain free days sitting at your piano! Cindy ___, UK

itemDate: Oct 23, 2013 - Dear Jessica, With great joy I received your cds. Each one better than the other. I really appreciate the extra cd that came as a gift, but best of all was receiving an autographed cd. You music is fantastic, and I'm listening each one by day to spend several days with them. I hope one day go to a your live concert. Thank You and stay with health. Alexandre ___, Brazil

itemDate: Oct 21, 2013 - Hello Jessica, I am a huge fan of yours. Yes, I will now only buy from your website! …and I will spread the word. Abundant blessings to you and those you love, (Rev.) Robert ___, Archdiocese of Seattle

itemDate: Oct 10, 2013 - Dear Jessica, In gratitude for you and all you have done to make our lives happier. George ___

itemDate: Mar 20, 2013 - I have been listening to your music, Jessica. Thank you. It has had such a positive affect on my life. Regards, Jeff ___

itemDate: Mar 25, 2013 - Dear Jessica, The last house concert we went to was one of the most magical experiences of my life, and we would so love to come to the next one you have. Please let us know! Best to you, Heather ___

itemDate: Feb 21, 2013 - Dear Jessica, Wow, today I received the CDs I ordered from you, and as I took them out of the envelope I said to myself, "I know I ordered three, but there are four in here." So immediately I put your gift, "As Time Goes By," in and I've been listening for a while sweet and lovely, as always you are..."The Way You Look Tonight" very dear. These are songs that have been a part of my whole remembered life. I can't wait to hear the ones I ordered, but your gift means much to me, so I started there. Thank you for signing the CDs...I know what it takes and what it means. Normally I don't care a bit for a performer's signature, but somehow it's different with just a couple of musicians who have touched my life over the years. You are one; just seeing that you wrote your name let's me feel just a bit closer to you, and I like that. I'll put the other CDs in my iTunes and listen during dinner. Thanks so much for an evening of comfort, light and grace. With gratitude and affection, George ___

itemDate: Feb 16, 2013 - Dear Jessica, I've just ordered three of your CD's. I've never heard your music but I heard it is terrific from a friend of mine who is jazz journalist in one of the main Belgian newspaper. He just published on Feb 13th a critic of your CD "Freedom Trane". He says you're one of the top in actual jazz, he adds that your piano is a kind of mystic beauty and that your homage to Coltrane is an illumination. He confirmed to me when I called him and told me how to acquire your CD's. That's just what I've done couple of minutes ago by ordering three of your CD's. I'm looking forward to listen to your interpretation and I hope that you'll come to Belgium sometime. If it's the case, I'll be glad to bring you some Belgian chocolate to compensate for the low price of your CD's which is not really American like! Anyway, I'm sure I'll love your music. All the best to you, Christophe ___

itemDate: Feb 5, 2013 - Jessica, Your music fills me with peace, comfort, and joy. Your recording of "Say It Over and Over Again" is my most played of all music because of the way it calms me. You have been there for me. Thank you. And thanks for all the sheet music of your compositions. What a treasure! I wish you great healing and wonderful return on your incredible work, which has provided healing for me. Jim ___

itemDate: Feb 1, 2013 - Dear Ms. Jessica - I'm excited about your timeless, beautiful, great music recordings. Your recordings attract every year more and more in depth, and receivers of manure. Very impressed especially, I am of the publications of recent years. Absolute highlights for me are the following recordings: Touch / The Art of Piano / Freedom Trane / Songs for a New Century / Songs of Earth. Thank you! Peter ___

itemDate: Feb 18, 2013 - Jessica, thanks for such great music... wonderful music. It was a pleasure speaking with the other day. Bernard ___

itemDate: Feb 20, 2013 - Hi Jessica, I was a bit surprised to see that even though I already have 24 of your CDs, many of those are no longer in your inventory, and that there were 38 more that I don't have. I just placed an order for those 38 CDs. I checked the box asking that you sign them, but there is no need to sign them all! Also, please feel free to ship these in several smaller shipments, over the next few weeks. - Jim ___

itemDate: Feb 19, 2013 - Dear Ms. Williams, I have recently discovered your music and I want to tell you how deeply it has touched me. I love your style and the raw emotion in your playing. The piano is so much more versatile than many people realize but you use it to it's maximum potential! I hope you will include Atlanta in the list of stops on your next world tour! Thank you for being an inspiration. You are stronger than you think, keep fighting! -Kimberly ___

itemDate: Jan 16, 2013 - Hello Jessica, I am constructing a play list at youTube for the occasion of a visit by the woman who I have been in love with for almost a year. I chose your tune The Child Within because something about this experience has made a part of me feel like a child again. Thanks again for your beautiful music. Peace & Happiness, Chad ___

itemDate: Jan 15, 2013 - Jessica, I love your music. As with Bill Evans, Alan Broadbent, Fred Hersch, and others, it is your solo piano work I truly love and listen to. It's very rare I find someone with your musical ability.  It's amazing;  I'm 68 and just discovered you. Lots of piano players can play a lot of notes, but without the thematic content you develop so beautifully. After all, intertwined melodies are everything, at least to me, but few have the gift. You most certainly do, and I am grateful for all your recordings. Bob ___, Redondo Beach, CA

itemDate: Jan 14, 2013 - Dear Jessica, We were in touch long time ago. I am an admirer of your music since a long time... You may remember that I made a transcription of your amazing "Bemsha Swing" recording from "In the key of Monk". I placed it now on my website so that everyone can download the transcription. I hope it will encourage more people to hear your music! Sending you healing blessings from faraway! Yours, Itamar ____

itemDate: Jan 11, 2013 - Jessica – Coincidences! I received this in my morning yesterday and the 3 CDs I ordered from you in the noon snail mail. I’d been planning on dropping a note your way as I had wondered why you didn’t charge me the shipping (even tho the actual cost was even more than the $8 you’d nominally charge). It’s now been 25 years since I used to fly from Calgary to my client in Oakland early on Sundays so I could catch you at the old Yoshi’s before starting work on Monday. Your music has been a constant companion for a quarter century now. I look forward to hearing your new music next year! Dave ____

itemDate: Jan 9, 2013 - I have been listening to your music Jessica.  Thank you.  It has had such a positive affect on my life.  Regards, Jeff ____

itemDate: Jan 8, 2013 - Dear Jessica Williams, For the past twenty years, I’ve admired you as a great pianist and fantastic improviser.Your own compositions are of a unique beauty. You are marvelous at giving your interpretations a wonderful and harmonious expression. Your keyboard technique is unparalleled. I have almost all of your albums in my collection, from 1992 to now. Each time you manage to outdo yourself in rendering deeply felt music that both delights and inspires the attentive listener. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best, good health and a grateful audience that appreciates your art. Best regards, Peter Paul ____, Basel, Switzerland

itemDate: Jan 8, 2013 - I was looking for sound bytes for an online newspaper that I publish.  It had been a long night of tossing and turning…nightmares.  My head pounding, and heart heavy, I came across a video of you playing love and hate.  Thank you so much Jessica.  Your music helped me to cry a little, and I think I really needed that. It’s just beautiful. As I watched, I realized that you were speaking.  Every note coming from your heart.  A heart that has obviously lived some of life, and known love and hate. Again, all I can say is… Thank you. - Jasmyn ____

itemDate: Jan 8, 2013 - I tend to audit jazz records (esp. piano) with VERY HARD I would with Jarrett and other greats, Jessica Williams (always good) has developed into a genius! It's very hard to be witty and profound and  unique in instrumental music...esp. using musical "found objects" as she has done for years. Now she has added her twists (muted strings and crossing hands) and covers a wide range of emotions too. One can expect to hear NASTY blues all the way to heart breaking lyricism and unaffected music puns in a single CD...and it never gets stale! In the vast wasteland of wannabees and Blue note clones wearing porkpie hats, Jessica is a gift to the world! - Marius ____

itemDate: Jan 7, 2013 - Dear Jessica:  First, I would like to thank you for for the free c.d.'s you sent with my order.  I cannot tell you  how much your music touches my soul and moves my spirit. I am of the generation (72 years) that grew up  in Harlem with Jazz a my childhood landscape and migraited to the village where I met many many Jazz legends. I am a playwright and novelist but music is so much in my blood that I am now returning to my piano more seriously than I have ever been. Jessica, two of your solos, Fantasia from Songs for a New Century and Welcome From For John Coltrane have become my morning prayer and my evening hymns.  And I play them during the day along with your other albums. Thank you for the gift of your music which touches my very core, Sincerely, Aishah ____

itemDate: Jan 1, 2013 - Dear Jessica, I wish you all the best over the coming year.  Been a fan of your music for a long time, and own every CD in print (and some out of print I imagine).  Solo jazz piano is one of my favorites, and I consider you one of the best ever. Warm regards, Patrick ____

itemDate: Jan 1, 2013 - Your music has given me so much pleasure since the first time I heard it. You are a treasure of American music who has always deserved acclaim, recognition and success. Steve ____

itemDate: Nov 25, 2012 - Hi Jessica, It’s a pleasure to help someone as talented as you are. I have been a fan for a long time, have most of your cds, and had the great pleasure of seeing you live at the Brecon jazz festival. I hope your recovery goes well, you and your music are much needed. I hope I get the chance to see you again in Wales but more importantly take care and get well soon. Vic ____

itemDate: Sept 2, 2012 - Hi Jessica, I'm a little late, but wanted to thank you for "Steps," the disc you slipped in with my order for "Jazz Impressions of Spain" and "Equinox." I love your music. As I submitted my order, I was listening to your Two "Virtual Miles" discs. "Jazz Impressions..." exceeded my expectations. Your are such a top level pianist. It's so  wonderful to hear you --with the synths and drums and bass--as such a top level "musician," beyond the piano. And: driving to the beach here in Oceanside with my wife (we walk a couple of miles down there on the strand a couple of times a week) I had "Steps" on the CD player, and she, the lovely Denise, who is not much into music, really perked up on "The Nine Billion Names of God." The previous time we went down there it was "Deayhru" from "Songs of the Earth" that caught her ear, made her turn up the volume. She's really getting into it. Bless her; bless you... Thank you for all the music, past, present and future. Dan ____

itemDate: July 22, 2012- Dear Jessica - I am so sorry to learn of your upcoming surgery and its' implications and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sending healing light to surround you.I had major open surgery for colin cancer in late March this year and have made a full recovery without chemo or radiation.   Your music helped in my healing, both in the hospital, also a ten day stay, and when I came home with help. Many of the wonderful CDs I have in my collection are no longer available. Today I ordered 10 more CDs, which is a small contribution to your recovery fund and a big boost to my Jessica music shelf. ___ Margaret S, Canada

itemDate: July 19, 2012: Jessica – Coincidences! I received this in my morning yesterday and the 3 CDs I ordered from you in the noon snail mail. I’d been planning on dropping a note your way as I had wondered why you didn’t charge me the shipping. It’s now been 25 years since I used to fly from Calgary to Oakland early on Sundays so I could catch you at the old Yoshi’s. Your music has been a constant companion for a quarter century now. On a personal level, I can greatly sympathize with your back condition – my problem is between L4&L5… I hope that the surgery provides the promised benefits with fewer of the expected negatives. I look forward to hearing your new music next year! Dave B __ Canada

itemDate: june 10, 2012 - I have been listening to your music Jessica.  Thank you.  It has had such a positive affect on my life.  Regards,  Jeff G___

itemDate: june 10, 2012 - Dear Jessica: Thank you so much for Freedom Trane. I really needed it. My grandmother is in the last few months & weeks of her life & coming to terms with her passing has brought me in touch with deep levels of pain & sadness. Your disc has really helped me during this period. Hope you are ok. Peace, Christopher___ USA

itemDate: June 3, 2012, 2012- Dear Jessica Williams, For the past twenty years, I’ve admired you as a great pianist and fantastic improviser.You own compositions are of a unique beauty. You are marvellous at giving your interpretations a wonderful and harmonious expression. Your keyboard technique is unparalleled. I have almost all of your albums in my collection, from 1992 to now- Each time you manage to outdo yourself in rendering deeply felt music that both delights and inspires the attentive listener.Dear Jessica, I hope you continue interpreting and publishing such exceptionally gifted music for many more years.From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best, continuing good health and a grateful audience that appreciates your art. Best regards,Peter ___, Basel, Switzerland

itemDate: June 1, 2012 - Jessica, I love your music. I first found you on, and with that intro, really started listening on Then I started buying albums as gifts for those of my relatives who were musicians or who I thought would enjoy sweet gentle music. As with Bill Evans, Alan Broadbent, Fred Hersch, and others, it is your solo piano work I truly love and listen to. I had read Bill Evans didn't even like to do solo work, but that's where the pianist becomes truly free. There is something about the piano player being alone with the music that opens another whole dimension to his or her work. It's very rare I find someone with your musical ability. It's amazing; I'm 68 and just discovered you :-)  Lots of piano players can play a lot of notes, but without the thematic content you develop so beautifully.  After all, intertwined melodies are everything, at least to me, but few have the gift.  You most certainly do, and I am grateful for all your recordings. Bob, CA, ___

itemDate: March 2, 2012 - Thanks, Ms Williams. I received my CD order in this morning's mail. I know I'm in for a real treat this whole weekend!! And thanks especially for the extra gift of "The Standards Vol. II" and for autographing the discs. The new CDs are a welcome addition to my mounting collection of your impressive oeuvre. Your music has brought me untold pleasure and unremitting joy. In recent times, I've read the praise Brubeck and latter-day converts have heaped on your artistry and virtuosity. I always smile, knowing that I knew THAT before those critics and piano savants did! Sadly, you don't seem to make it out here to Los Angeles too often. I'll look out for you and hopefully, if you do, I'll be there to hear you live, once again. Stay well and keep bringing joy to true lovers of jazz. I daresay they break the mould when you left the Peabody Conservatory. Kwasi ___

itemDate: Jan 27, 2012 - I tend to audit jazz records (esp. piano) with VERY HARD I would with Jarrett and other greats, Jessica Williams (always good) has developed into a genius! It's very hard to be witty and profound and  unique in instrumental music...esp. using musical "found objects" as she has done for years. Now she has added her twists (muted strings and crossing hands) and covers a wide range of emotions too. One can expect to hear NASTY blues all the way to heart breaking lyricism and unaffected music puns in a single CD...and it never gets stale! In the vast wasteland of wannabees and Blue note clones wearing porkpie hats, Jessica is a gift to the world!___ Marius Nordal (a truly great pianist living in Seattle)

itemDate: Jan 27, 2012 - Dearest Jessica, Spent the weekend in ecstasy dancing to the Trane recording - couldn't stop myself. I was having so much FUN alone in my bedroom dancing like a lunatic. What joy you bring to me. I just love it. Also spent Sunday afternoon on a long drive listening to the Touch recording. My mum and I both adore this recording. Anyway one of my favourite standards is "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" - so I was delighted to hear you play that too, The solo album is beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you so much. You keep us happy. Much love from Australia - Vicki ___

itemDate: Jan 12, 2012 - Hello Jessica- I want to thank you for opening our hearts and minds to your beautiful music on Saturday evening. Our daughter Anna, who is 14, worried that it would be bad-manners to sketch during the concert, but she said she was really moved by your words as well as your music. She plays the violin/ fiddle and yesterday when she picked it up she said when she plays now she will do so "with intention, like Jessica Williams, to help stop the madness"... Your calm authenticity, beautiful talent and very presence was an unexpected gift for our entire family. Thank you so much and may your year ahead be filled with love, prosperity and health. Sincerely, Katy ___

itemDate: Jan 5, 2012 - Jessica Williams: I am writing only to rave about your music. It is brilliant and inspired and powerful and spiritual and important and life-affirming. Funny, I would describe John Coltrane’s playing with similar phrases. I am humbled to admit that while I had heard of you, I had never heard you play, live, until I attended your concert this past June in San Francisco (sharing the bill with the remarkable Patricia Barber). I am a writer by trade and I try not to stoop to hyperbole but your performance that evening was one of the most breathtaking and beautiful I have ever hard. And that is saying a lot for I have spent hundreds and hundreds of nights in my life in clubs and concert halls listening to this blessed music we call jazz. When I lived in New York City I wrote about jazz for many magazines and newspapers. Listening to you that evening this summer was a treasure I shall cling to. Following it, I found your website and ordered a bunch of CDs. I selected blindly and either I am very lucky or every CD you produce is a masterpiece. (Your were kind enough to sign many of them.) I could not admire your music more than I do. This is the truth. Every couple of months, I listen to all eight CDs in their entirety. Every time, my ears are rewarded with innovation. Just please know that your music touches souls. At least it has touched mine. I know well how difficult it is to make a living playing great music. I know how lonely an artist’s life can be. But I know that you know that your music makes everything worthwhile. Please keep well. Please keep playing. Stephen ___

itemDate: Nov 10, 2011 - Jessica, I placed an order today for four CD's but thought I would e mail too - I bought my first JW CD – Maybeck 21 in 1992 on the recommendation of Humphrey Littleton who described you at the time as 'one of the best jazz pianists today' and I have been in love ever since - I had a chance to meet/talk with you in October 1998 when you visited Wigan (UK) (first time) and you said you were going to Cambodia!! Well you obviously survived that one. It was a great pleasure to hear you play and I took a few friends along too. I bought some CD's from you but it was humbling to hear you play and to talk during the interval. Why have I simply ordered the last four CDs you have made? Partly I wanted to see where you are now, with a newer technique but also and as you know, it's because they are each different, the repertoire, solo/trio, live/studio, and direct cut is something I am interested in as I have a very nice sound system (£40k) I want you to play in my house but I am 5,000 miles away and with no piano! So send the new CDs please asap!!! PS Thanks for all pleasure you have given. Best Wishes, Harry __

itemDate: Oct 12, 2011 - Dear Ms. Williams: I recently purchased Freedom Trane, after hearing your music for the first time on a Jazziz compilation. I'm blown away. Your melodicism, the way you use space (on some pieces you sound a little like Ahmad Jamal) to create mood and texture, and the way you make the piano boom when you want to--the song Freedom Trane rocks; I wish I could make the piano speak like that--makes for an inspirtational CD. I've been waking up to Freedom Trane for the last week; it's put a smile on my face every morning. How did I not know about your music for so long? I listen to Jazzfm.91 (the jazz station out of TO) and less frequently the Seattle jazz station on my computer, and I often hear Bob Parlocha in the wee hours on one of L'ville's local NPR stations, but I can't remember hearing your stuff before. But now I'm hooked. I've ordered three more of your recent CDs through your website and listened to a number of the videos you have posted. Dave Brubeck may very well be correct. I hope sometime in the near future I have the opportunity to hear you play live. But in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the new CDs. Glenn__

itemDate: Sept 10, 2011 - God bless and keep you. I love you, and so many of us do. We are grateful for your love, your integrity, your hard work, your grace, and the music that flows through you. I'm an audience, not an instrumentalist, and I'm so very glad to have been in your rooms when you played. I look forward to the next time. With gratitude and affection, George __

itemDate: May 26, 2011 - Dear Jessica- I guess I'm not used to writing fan mail, but here goes. I listen to you as much as Pandora will allow me, pretty much every day. I'm not sure what it is about your playing that moves me so much, but I can pick your style out almost immediately. I love to think of you playing, and the pictures on your album covers give me a pretty good idea of what it will be like when I finally get to one of your concerts. You are just amazing, profoundly gifted, and a beautiful being. Have to run, you are playing "In A Sentimental Mood" Michael ___

itemDate: Mar 22, 2011 - I really enjoyed your show last night at the Triple Door. The colours and the textures you conjured on My Funny Valentine were stunning. There was a song unfamiliar to me where you played the bass Your 'sound' or 'touch' is so soulfully layered. You really are something. Truly inspiring getting to know you and your music. Take good care of yourself, Ms. Jessica. I look forward to another one of your performances sometime soon. Jennifer ___

itemDate: Mar 3, 2011 - I am 68 years old and live in the Washington DC area, and I am not asking for sympathy or anything, but perhaps since myJessica Williams, photos by Jimmy Katz stroke 10 months ago, my music tastes must have become more eclectic, because I am completely in love with Ms Williams and hert magnificent mastery of the piano, and I personally want to say thank you for gracing this planet with your music.... THANK YOU, Cal ___

itemDate: Dec 1, 2010 - I listened to The "Art of the Piano" yesterday, and I watched a special on The White House on The History Channel. Then last night I had this dream: You were playing at The Village Vanguard. I've never been there, but the place looked just like the East Room in the White House (in the dream; I'm sure it doesn't really look like that). You had a good crowd, and when you were finished you got up from the piano and went to one of the windows, saying to the audience: "I want to show you all something." You slid the old window open, and it was all flowering vegetation. You pulled from the leaves a beautiful yellow rose and showed it to us and said, "There, now that you've heard the music and seen this flower, you can go and live your lives in peace." Ain't that something? And I don't usually remember my dreams... D.M.

itemDate: Oct 21, 2010 - Touch. Wow! It is just gorgeous! I am really blown away by it. My discovery of you, with "Songs for a New Century," changed the way I listened to music, and made me not want to listen to anyone else for a few months. "Touch" is doing it again. Just marvelous. Love and Peace, and Music. Dan ___

itemDate: Oct 28, 2010 - I received Touch last week and it's rapidly becoming my favorite album this year and will probably reign as one of my top piano jazz albums of all time. The competition was tough as I loved The Art of the Piano and still hold that in high esteem. The sound you now get from the piano is unsurpassed and the recording technique certainly does it justice. Your performance of I Loves You Porgy is worth the price of the album by itself. I also love your compositions and the simplicity of the melodies you invent is very moving. I wish more jazz artists would play your compositions. You're bringing a lot of beauty and enjoyment into the world. Great blessings to you, Robert ___

itemDate: Oct 9, 2010 - Hi, Jessica, I heard Flamenco Sketches on the radio (88.1 in Los Angeles) and was struck by the beauty of the piece. After coming home and buying the album on the web, it inspired me to invest in a new keyboard and take up playing again, myself. Just wanted to say thank you. Brian ___

itemDate: July 8, 2010 - Hi Jessica, "Touch." Wow! It is just gorgeous! I am really blown away by it. My discovery of you, with "Songs for a New Century," changed the way I listened to music, and made me not want to listen to anyone else for a few months. "Touch" is doing it again. Just marvelous. Love and Peace, and Music. Dan ___

itemDate: July 6, 2010 - Dear Jessica, I do love Sonny and Monk (not sure about his playing sometimes) but many of us in Australia who love your work feel it's as important. I'm not talking punters, but really good musicians who rate hardly anybody (except themselves usually - there's even one pianist I know, who is really, really good and he said you play better than he does, he usually only says that about people like Glenn Gould or Horrowitz!) And he's right of course. I feel your legacy will last way beyond our lifetimes. Imagine making people smile in 100 years time. Bravo sister! Ripple of never ending musical magic. - VB, Australia

itemDate: Sept 12, 2010 - Hey, Jessica. I was moved to tears and more than once and had to consciously remind myself to breath it all in. There are so many layers in your music that come through. Still processing it all. And it's a treat checking out your website. It's a treasure trove library of music and more. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm at my day job and so it's a good idea to Truly, JR ___

itemDate: July 12, 2010 - Jessica - Touch is just lovely. Beautiful music, beautifully played, beautiful program and the sound, on my system at least, is excellent. This one is getting a lot of airplay here in Burien, Washington too. - Diane ___

itemDate: July 18, 2010 - Dear Jessica, Thank you for another unforgettable evening of music. Absolutely enjoyed it. The tune "Joe" really hit me. Almost made me think of a baroque composition, complete with the 'ol Picardy Third at the end. BEAUTIFUL--what more can I say? I'm reminded of something I heard Ron Carter say years ago. Basically it was that it really doesn't matter how fast you play, as long as you play the right notes. I suspose a rather simplistic view of what you were saying, but it's true. (By the way, you still play faster that anyone I can think of!) You still say more with one chord voicing than the rest of those idiots who think they have something to say. - Gary ___

itemDate: July 14, 2010 - Hi, Jessica. If there are words to describe it, what words that come are: Touch is transportive. The last few days it's been a constant companion as I settle in to our new place.Through your music you've helped me not only settle in my new home, but settle back in myself, focus in and away from outside noise and remember again what originally brought me to music...(((Love))). There's a commanding quiet, stillness about your music that rings so true. Simply, I'm grateful to have met you and your music. Thank you for your inspiration, Jessica. - JR, USA

itemDate: June 29, 2010 - Hi Jessica.. wanted to thank you again for sending the music. WOW! listened to Prime Time today.. thought the sterio was going to burn up! what great jazz! ..great music! where was it recorded? I hope Touch is doing well, I know it hasn't been out long. I bet people are going to love it! - MG, USA

itemDate: July 20, 2010 - Hi Jessica - Your concert last night was wonderful. When my friend told me that you played almost an hour and a half i couldn't believe it. It seemed like a few minutes to me. Your somewhere over the rainbow cut me open like bitter and poisoned hail, writhing on coals of juniper, pierced by arrows of the mighty. I cried and shook and tried not to disturb the others. I also loved Fantasia #1. You continue to inspire me to husband my own artistry. I will never forget you, Jessica Williams. - Preston ___

itemDate: May 15, 2010 - Dear Jessica - Just listening to Art of the Piano (and before that Tatum's Ultimatum). I am thrilled by these new additions to my Jessica Williams collection. Just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. It is inspiring, beautiful, and always makes me want to dance and brings smiles to my face, even when I am at my lowest periods. Your music is one of the best reason for being alive that I can think of! My mother who raised me on jazz loves the Tatum recording, she said she loved it and"I know all the songs!" and she said it reminded her a little of Errol Garner, who apparently was one of the first artists she ever played for me. Love and Hate is my favourite tune at the moment. I also sneakily listen to you on Youtube at work - whenever I get stressed out, it's always such a treat! Thank you so much. Keep well and happy - much love from down under! - Vicki, Australia

itemDate: Apr 10, 2010 - Dear Jessica, The CDs arrived this morning, happily. Thank you for the kind dedication. The music, Deep Monk and The Gift is absolutely wonderful! Thanks again for these nuggets of happiness. Best, Patrick ___, France

itemDate: Dec 12, 2009 - Jessica, I discovered jazz through the radio, both AM and FM. Brubeck, Erroll Garner and Thelonious Monk were among my first loves in Jazz. It was only natural/fitting that I discovered you soon thereafter, thanks to a couple of DJs, and especially a teacher/friend who had spent some time in the same circles with Monk. She told me that when male musicians were drunk, stoned or sleepy enough at 3am and had let their guard down, they would confess to her that the best Jazz pianist, the best musician period, they could name was YOU, Jessica. They just wouldn't admit it to anyone else in public, including you probably. - Victoria ___

itemDate: Dec 12, 2009 - Here's how I listen to your 39 CDs I have. I've got them on iTunes and listen to the individual tracks at random as they come up in the shuffle option. They are amongst 4,792 jazz tunes but pop up quite often and are wonderful to hear coming before or after Art Tatum/Thelonious Monk/Bud Powell/Ray Bryant/Bill Evans, etc. I bought every CD of yours at your web site, not iTunes, knowing you get no money from them. Curtis ___

itemDate: Oct 24, 2009 - Bravisima! Your latest live recordings is a quantum jump from were you were a few years ago and you were already outstanding then. I had obtained your album along with Keith Jarrett's Testament and the two are a perfect match as far as inventiveness and spirit. Both have quasi classical elements; your mutual training manifests. Art of the Piano seems to be a new direction for you and its horizon is limitless. Your reexamination of the piano as instrument has much merit. The soft and practice/semi-mute pedals are put to good use... I never heard any other pianist exploit the acoustics and mechanics of the piano as you. In short, you have planted a milestone in your artistic career; an album for the desert island. More! More! Debra ___

itemDate: Oct 1, 2009 - Dear Jessica: Thank you for the unexpected "gift" you enclosed with my recent order. I didn't know what to expect, but "Songs for a New Century" was just wonderful. Apparentlyl you don't get older. You just get better. - Paul ___

itemDate: June 26, 2009 - Holy smoke! as one is wont to say. I'm two days slower in reporting the very-on-time arrival than the arrival! Thank you! and a dedication to me? Wow, what a sweetheart you are! And the music? Oh, the music is nothing but fabulous! Thanks, ...and peace, love and all to you, too! Jim ___

itemDate: June 17, 2009 - Hi Jessica, your last solo album was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It is nothing less than exquisite. I absolutely LOVE it! - Ken in NYC

itemDate: June 3, 2009 - Hi Jessica, I was the one at Chez Hanny, several years ago, who was too shy to ask you to play 'Round Midnight when you asked for requests. And you then proceeded to play 'Round Midnight (you later told me that it was one of the most difficult pieces to play unaccompanied). It was really a thrilling moment for me. A private "thumbs up:" or psychic "shout out" from Ron. - Ron ___

itemDate: June 9, 2009 - Dear Jessica - Once again I write to say a big thank you for getting me through difficult times. If I am happy or sad and am in need of listening to meaningful music I search my racks and almosst always pull out a Jessica Williams... and it always works. Your music connects with me and gives me strength... it workks for me! peace and love - Richard ___ in the UK

itemDate: Feb 2, 2009 - Thursday night at Yoshi's was a blessing I will cherish forever. I feel as though you are a dear friend, someone I can count on to give me just what I need whenever I call on you, one who will lift me up, no matter how you feel. Usually it's through the many CDs I have, and once in a while I have that wonderful opportunity to hear you in person. You always make me feel better. I hope the Yoshi's date was also a joy for you, it seemed to me that it was as I listened and watched. It certainly was a joy for us. George S ___

itemDate: Feb 20, 2009 - Dear Jessica, I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to let you know I just listened to your Tatum's Ultimatum - Christ! - I don't know if I should genuflect or just go sit in a corner and cry. What an rare gift you possess - Warm wishes, always. - Frank R ___

itemDate: June 18, 2008 - Dear Jessica, My wife, Anna, and I were visiting our sons in Allentown, PA when your CD, Vital Signs, arrived. It was held with our mail. Oh my! What a platter full of pianistic dessert you have created with this album. Every time I listen to it, I hear a different album! I love it! - Rene ___

itemDate: June 18, 2008 - Billy's Theme ... I have enjoyed this album very much indeed. 'Finally Free' is a wonderful piece and I was wondering if you are going to publish it. As a keen very amateur pianist I would love to get my hands on the manuscript! Best wishes - Karl ___

itemDate: May 25, 2008 - Dear Jessica, The chance that you might read this message is too attractive to miss, so I just would like to send you a very warm greeting from Hungary, from a 52 years old jazz lover. I've been listening to jazz for about 30 years and collecting mainly piano jazz, but have become the admirer of your music only most recently. Since then your piano recordings have become a part of my everyday life and I am really grateful for this delight to you. Best Regards - Imre ___

itemDate: Jan 26, 2008 Dear Jessica - Thank you so much for coming to the UK last year – I saw you at the Brecon Jazz Festival, and can say that it was the best concert I have ever been to. At one point (one of the Coltrane pieces) I found I had big fat tears running down my face, not that the music made me sad, but it was the emotion your playing conveys. Thanks once more. - Roger ___

itemDate: Mar 4, 2008 - Dear Jessica, the two cds [Tatum's Ultimatum & Jessica plays for Lovers] ordered on 28/02/08 arrived yesterday [05/03/08] severn days later - many thanks for processing the order so expeditiously. The two cds are superb and give us much joy. With affection and best wishes, N ___

itemDate: Mar 24, 2008 - You are such a beautiful person, not to mention my absolute favorite living piano player. So when I hear someone so accomplished, talented, and skilled as you are, it just gives me peace. (And makes me quite jealous, I admit!) I just bought a wonderful cd, and you sent me a second which is equally wonderful. Thank you so much for your generosity. I wish you continued success. Best love, Gerry ___

itemDate: Jan 22, 2008 - Jessica, You are such a beautiful person, not to mention my absolute favorite living piano player. When I hear someone so accomplished, talented, and skilled as you are, it just gives me peace. (And makes me quite jealous, I admit!) I just bought a wonderful cd, and you sent me a second which is equally wonderful. Thank you so much for your generosity. I wish you continued success. - G ___ B ___

itemDate: Jan 16, 2008 - Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for coming to the UK last year – I saw you at the Brecon Jazz Festival, and can say that it was the best concert I have ever been to. At one point (one of the Coltrane pieces) I found I had big fat tears running down my face, not that the music made me sad, but it was the emotion your playing conveys. Thanks once more. R ___ P___

itemDate: Dec 12, 2007 - Hi Jessica, Thank you for the discs. I have to tell you, I received seven discs... I thought I purchased six (one was free). The first disc I am listening to is Fantasias and Adagios. What an incredible beautiful disc. When I first listened to Love and Hate it caught me by surprise actually brought tears to my eyes, this disc has the same affect on me. What a special gift you have. Happy holidays to you, Robert ___

itemDate: Oct 26, 2007 - Hi Jessica, It was a pleasure listening to you and having the opportunity to speak with you after the performance. Actually, I thought I was going to the Barry Harris concert and didn't realize that you were to perform until I got to the door! I had attended the Henry Butler, Omar Sosa, Andy Bey, Kenny Baron and Randy Weston concerts prior to seeing yours, and consider my discovery of your music another jewel in that crown. Hope it's warm in the UK! Sincerely, Elmer ___

itemDate: Oct 22, 2007 - BRAVO Jessica! Wow, that WAS fun and it was GREAT!!! You are so much to take in... so much to give the world. Such beautiful music poured through you... We were all so stuck, laughing and saying "oh my gosh - ohhh - wow - ohhh - wow"- It was great. I'll never forget it. The piano loves you, Jessica! It was incredible. Before my thoughts departed, I remember thinking "how is this possible?" You ARE a musical miracle!! The amazing contrapuntal style! The Gould influence! The Japanese folk song, the different textures the colors, and you kept sweeping us away... really fantastic. Thank you for everything! You certainly gave us an unforgettable evening! - Maureen ___

itemDate: Oct 26, 2007 - Thanks a lot for coming to NC. The concert at Duke was spectacular! I don't think even Keith Jarrett can play so melodically inside the piano and on the wood. That may make you the greatest living jazz pianist! I've loved the last few recordings. Great sound in addition to great music. Thanks for producing so much beautiful music and spreading it around. I always feel good when I listen to your discs! - Alan ___

itemDate: Oct 27, 2007 - Namaste. What an evening. Exclambastions! So many masters were inside of your mastery, and getting out in that space to play. Our eight year old grandson was there. While you played "Monks Hat" I looked down to see him propped on our son, but still wide awake. Sam was keeping up with the music by circling his index finger round and round. It don't get no better. Warmly, Mel ___

itemDate: Oct 29, 2007 - Hello Jessica, The CDs came, thank you. I really like "Tatum's Ultimatum", full of delights and surprises! The gathering around us, friends and other folk, at the Barry Harris concert, the final concert at Duke, all agreed they liked the six weeks of Monk and liked all the performers and, get this, they said if there was only one concert they could have attended it would have been the Jessica Williams evening! - All the best from Barney ___

itemDate: Nov 1, 2007 - Jessica, I wanted to write you directly and thank you again for the bonus cd... what a great surprise! Listened to "As Time Goes By" last night and it's terrific. You give me chills & "goosebumps". When I first heard you I could not believe what you were doing - how you have been influenced by others but play so many styles and the beauty & warmth comes through. I hear Monk & Garner a lot but your playing is all your own & so unique (I can't tolerate jazz that is chaotic and in my view schizophrenic) - I just love your approach & there's so much in this music, from Dexter, Dave Mckenna, Flanagan, Evans, Kenny's all so wonderful! Frank ___

itemDate: Nov 12, 2007 - Dear Ms. Williams, I just wanted you to know that I received the Miles Davis cds and your gift (Jessica Plays for Lovers). They are wonderful. Again, thank you for your generosity and your artistry! I hope you will return to North Carolina soon. - Kent ___

itemDate: Jun 17, 2007 - Dear Jessica, I received the package with the CDs. Thank you for the very beautiful gift of music 'For John Coltrane'. Cheers, Greg ___

itemDate: Jun 10, 2007 - Hi Jessica, They say the necessities of life are air, water, shelter, etc. etc. etc. I say we need all of those things plus Live at Yoshi's vol 2. It's been well over one year and it's still in my car. When the world is crazy, the weather is rainy, and/or the radio stations are too redundant, that cd grounds me, brings me back to my peaceful center, and though I've listened to it countless times, I always, always hear a new phrase. I know, I know, we must get me some more of your music. - Loretta ___

itemDate: May 16, 2007 - Thank you so much for this CD, it is awesome. I got it in the mail yesterday and I have played it over and over. I love it, it is so beautiful. I can never thank you enough for all the wonderful music you have sent me. - Howard ___

itemDate: Apr 15, 2007 - Jessica, Every time I hear you play it makes me happy to be alive. I have many jazz recordings including about a dozen of yours. I find myself never going more than a couple of weeks without listening to one of your recordings. There is a simple reason for this ...your music has more feeling and emotion than anyone out there today! You are the BEST!!!! - Carl ___

itemDate: Mar 2, 2007 - Jessica, Thank you so much! The cd arrived Saturday along with your generous gift of the Billy Taylor tribute. I loved them both. I think your interpretation of The Very Thought of You is the best ANYONE has ever done. My wish is for your continued success, and you can bet I will spread the word on your enormous talent. - Gerry ___

itemDate: Mar 2, 2007 - Dear Jessica - After the last great batch of CDs, I came to the conclusion that you were at the top of your game and had reached a pinnacle. Well, you hadn't! RESOLUTION is one of the most brilliant, beautiful and affecting jazz albums I have ever heard - many, many congratulations! Best, as ever, Craig ___

itemDate: Feb 20, 2007 - I listen to your albums several times each week, and they always seem new and fresh, so full of wonderful ideas that I may never fully absorb them. I often feel I am listening to them for the first time, even though I've heard them many times. Your playing is a fantastic gift not only for you but for all of us. Best wishes. Tom ___

itemDate: January 15, 2007 - Hello. The CDs I ordered have arrived and I was really surprised to see a free CD! Many thanks for the gift and I'm looking forward to the experiences. Thanks again, Sonia ___

itemDate: January 14, 2007 - My wife and I discovered your music recently and we continue to listen and watch your performance of Love and Hate over and over (and over). Absolutely breathtaking and moving! We live in the Seattle area and look forward to your next visit to the area. - James ___

itemDate: January 10, 2007 - We count our many blessings, one of which is beautiful music like yours. Your music fills our house constantly. Thanks for that. Vicki ___

itemDate: January 9, 2007 - Dear Jessica, Just a short note to say thank you for the CDs which arrived in Sydney today (in 2 separated, labelled, bubble wrapped packages, one for me, one for my mother - so thoughtful). I've just raced upstairs to put on my (autographed - thanks for that too) copy of Volume 1 of the standards - and am enjoying listening while I type. I've just read your liner notes to Volume 2, and that says it all really. Musicians and comedians are among my heros too - and you are one amazing lady. Thank you very much - for sharing your music, your philosophy and your thoughtfulness. Cheers, Judith ___

itemDate: December 24, 2006 - Jessica, I thank you for the sounds you've given me. One solid year of listening to your CDs, almost obsessively, every time I drive my car (that's where I do my music listening) - Art ___

itemDate: December 14, 2006 - Dear Jessica, Thanks for your kind reply. I want to add that I truly regard you as one of the great inventive and elegant jazz pianists. As I listen to your recordings, I love the various improvisation you put so tastefully into your work. Your playing has influenced my own pianism in a helpful and most positive way. Our best wishes for a fine Christmas and a blessed New Year. - Rich ___

itemDate: January 14, 2007 - Your bond to Miles is palpable in your music. "It's Easy to Remember" played and I was struck by how much your intensely personal playing - on that particular song - reminded me of "In a Silent Way." ... Miles made you feel as if he was playing for you only, in the room with you ... Your playing made that same kind of connection for me this morning.  Much appreciated. - Tom ___

itemDate: January 15, 2007 Hi Jessica - Your good life is the greatest triumph and we who listen are infinitely grateful. You really are a gift to a lot of belabored souls. Wahoo! Onward, Warren ___

itemDate: Fri,Sep 29, 2006 Hi Jessica - I received the CDs yesterday - many thanks and thanks for signing it - it makes it that more personal. I played Solo Compositions and was overwhelmed by the reverence and joy in your playing - the quality of the recorded sound is staggering (I am a bit of an audiophile) - why can't all CDs sound like this? And your playing is just beautiful - I am not very good at turning what I hear into words - can I just say this CD is love at first hearing - I will be playing it again tonight! Derek ___

itemDate: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 - Jessica, FYI the CDs arrived today. Pretty quick service considering how busy you must be getting them all mailed out. I played them all immediately - what better way to spend a rainy afternoon in the Seattle area? - and love them all. And I am really delighted with the cover work on the Standards albums. Elaine's photos and their layout are excellent and present a great feeling of joy and vitality. Peace, love, happiness, and everything good to you! Diane ___

itemDate: Tues Sept 5 2006 - Many thanks for the batch of CDs that arrived this AM - and especially for the signed free copy of BILLY'S THEME - as you may imagine, I had already purchased it, as I do each new album of yours. I was delighted when I first discovered your music. You are probably the unacknowledged real heir of Bill Evans. My great admiration and best regards - Craig ___,UK

itemDate: Mon, 12 Mar 2006 - I was at your March 10 Olympia performance. I don't know enough superlatives to describe how beautiful the music was. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. Don ___

itemDate: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 - You are marvellous, and I have discovered there are some more CDs I can buy from your website - and you deliver to Australia! I have very special memories of sitting next to my mother (who is the source of my love of music, a gifted player and first class lady) squeezing her hand and sighing together at the wonderful chords under Mood Indigo. - Judith ___

itemDate: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 - Dear Jessica, Your marvellous music arrived Down Under today (that's less than a week - amazing!). Thanks for the Coltrane bonus which is very generous (as are your postal rates noting what it actually cost you to ship the package to me!) Spoilt for choice, before starting to delve into the treasure that's arrived, I read all the liner notes and chose to start with "For Lovers" - because I like the idea of playing to feel warm and alive and whole. It really shows. What a gift. So, thanks - for your uplifting music, and your generosity. Cheers, Judith ___

itemDate: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 - Jessica, received your "Lovers" recording several days ago and I have to tell you how absolutely gorgeous it is...I think I first heard you on the Maybeck recording (I have a number of those) and I was really blown away by your style, your playing is so unique..."lovers" is my 12th recording of yours and I can tell you that it will go into my regular rotation that I bring to work. Most of my jazz heroes are it's hard to find musicians that I dig are right there with the giants...#1 in my book...thank you for all the pleasure you have brought me...your music is incredible. Frank W ___

itemDate: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 - Hello, Jessica! Thank you for an amazing experience. Saturday would have been my mother's birthday. She's been gone for a long time now, tho she's always with me. And, sitting in the balcony, with your music washing over me, I closed my eyes and could feel my mother there next to me, savoring every note. Thanks, Jessica! Debbie V ___

itemDate: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 - I received them today. I am listening to "Live at Yoshi's" as I type. I enjoy it so much. Thank you for taking the time to sign the CD's. I am telling everyone I know to get you music. The world would be a better place if they did. You feel so upbeat when you hear it, no one would commit any crimes. Thanks again, Randy ___

itemDate: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 - How can I sit here and listen to your rendering of Bye Bye Blackbird on As Time goes By over and over again and not tell you how much I love your interpretation of one of my childhood favorites? Wow, it permeates my entire being. Thank you so much. Charlie ___

itemDate: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 - Jessica, I received the three CD's I ordered from you as Christmas gifts as well as an unexpected free CD. Jessica, you are the very Best! thanks, Bob ___

itemDate: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 - I bought a ton of your cds from you round Xmas 2004 on line from you. Am listening to Without Walls and it is tremendous. This bevy of CDs is truly extraordinary. Adrian E ___

itemDate: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 - I just arrived home after hearing your performance at Yoshi's. Magical, stunning, awe-inspiring, supremely's late and I'm at a loss for words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards, David ___

itemDate: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 - Hello again, Jessica, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to hear from you personally. I so love your music. I seem to become totally absorbed in it. I can listen to 'The Nearness of You' over and over; it captures my soul. Peace to you - and may the very best that life has to offer come your way! Charlie ___

itemDate: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 - Jessica! I'm listening to your divine Coltrane Tribute right now! Thanks for sending it so fast. And personally! Can't get over that. Do you wrap and address your own mailings? You are soooo un commercial / American / fastlane / massmedia... it's so refreshing, and I hear it in your music each and every time. Don't ever change. Your message will outlive all the hype we live in. Now if only I could do what you do with a whole-tone scale there would be world peace. Thanks again. Have a beautiful harmonius creative rewarding Holiday. - Tom ___

itemDate: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 - Dear Jessica, I'm planning to order two other cd (Maybeck 2001 and It's Jessica's Time) in addition to the other album. What would be the total amount in this case? I'm ordering from Sweden. Thank you for your impeccable customer service and - most of all - your wonderful music! All the best, Leif ___

itemDate: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 - Dear Jessica, Happy Holidays to you. I have a great deal of respect for your work. I must say I love the way you play jazz piano more than any other player. One or more of your CD’s is always in my 5-disc CD player. I would love to see you play. And please think of us fans as family - we feel connected through your music. Thank you for the wonderful music. - Ken ___

itemDate: November 19, 2005 - How can I sit here and listen to your rendering of Bye Bye Blackbird over and over again and not tell you how much I love your interpretation of one of my childhood favorites?  Wow -- it permeates my entire being.  Thank you so much. - C ___ A ___

itemDate: November 19, 2005 - I've been writing about jazz for years now. But this time I'm not writing as a jazz critic, but rather as a fan. In my opinion, this woman is an outstanding artist - not to mention one of best I've heard in years. In her hands, jazz is not merely jazz, but something else. You can say it is what Charles Mingus called "classical music with a lot soul." - Elisio ___

itemDate: November 19, 2005 - Dear Jessica, I am enjoying immensely my latest batch of your CD's and I thank you for sending me a bonus CD Plays For Lovers. Peace and happiness - Dave ___

itemDate: November 20, 2005 - Dear Jessica - Thank you very much for sending In the Key of Monk and In Victoria to my daughter Cheryl in Detroit.  They are a Christmas present for me and she very kindly said that she would try to you and obtain them for me. She was, and so am I, very appreciative of your very friendly and helpful mailto:jjw1948@gmail.coms.  It is so nice to receive such a kind response from such an eminent artist as yourself. Many thanks again for your help, I have never had the good fortune of seeing you in a live concert but maybe if you come to the UK again I will be able to do so. Take care , John ___

itemDate: November 28, 2005 - Dear Jessica, I have received and listened to the CDs that I ordered recently and I want to send you a note of appreciation. I love all kinds of music; this is what feeds my soul more than anything else in this world, and I must say, my soul certainly likes dining at your gourmet restaurant. Incidentally, thanks for the extra, the surprise CD. Hope to hear you in person in January at the Triple Door - Diane ___

itemDate: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 - The Cds arrived today - 2-day service from California! I'm very impressed with how you packed them and the overall ordering experience. Now to get them all on my Ipod - immediately! Thank you very much for the gift of Now!!! I had already selected this one for my next order. I appreciate your generosity - I also just noticed the discount - 12 Cds for the price of 11, plus the gift. Thank you! I enjoy doing business with you! - C___

itemDate: Wed, 09 Mar 2005; Dear Jessica, I received the four cds yesterday. Thank you again for your care and generosity. Right now I'm listening to 'The Creator Has a Master Plan' from Live! At Maybeck. So incredibly beautiful, and so true. I'll be buying a couple more of these for gifts. With gratitude, George S ___

itemDate: Aug 26 2005 10:22 - Dear Jessica, I received my order of CDs yesterday and just wanted to thank you for your speedy response to my order. Sweet and Lovely is a special favourite already - many thanks yet again. - Paul ___

itemDate: Thu, 9 Jun 2005; Hi! Jessica, thank you for signed copy of cd As Time Goes By and also for free gift cd JW plays for lovers. That is so generous of you. I agree entirely with your philosophy on life. To play piano as wonderful as you do must be one of the greatest gifts a person could possess. I look forward to many hours of enjoyable listening to your piano playing. Best Regards, Cathal ____, Ireland

itemDate: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 Hello Jessica- I am so very pleased with the recordings you've sent me via my order recently. I heard a piece by you on one of our local stations, and while listening felt 'who the heck is THAT!?' I found your web site. I ordered all the titles of your work that I could afford! I just received the very precious package yesterday night - I have been listening to your performances since then! You have offered the world FABULOUS music, technique, virtuoso, wide grasp of the jazz idiom, color, skill, senstivity, breadth of knowledge of the genre, beauty, grace, power in the touch, intellect, etc. Thank you so very much for bringing your talent to the world, and of course to me. I love your music. I wish you many, many more years of health and artristry. Take good care. Marilyn M__

itemDate: Wed, 4 May 2005; Jessica, I am enjoying your CD's so much and what a delight to receive NOW!!! too. Thank you again for your response... you are an inspiration. Your happy fan, Elise ____, Florida

itemDate: Sept 3, 2005 - Hello Jessica, Thank you for the extremely quick delivery of my order. Your Red and Blue records are a fantastic product. Knowing all the money goes to the artist herself pleases me very much. Thank You - Doug ___

itemDate: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 - Jessica, I really love the 3 cds I just purchased from your site. Blue Tuesday is a phenomenal album, sensitive and personal. I was blown away after listening to the first cut, Toshiko, and haven't taken the cd out of my player for 4 days. This is incredible music! Thank you, Jessica, for bringing such beautiful music into my life. -Al W___

itemDate: Dec 14, 2004 - Dear Jessica- Your service is usually exceptional but I didn't expect such a lightning response at this time of year! (Christmas) Personal, too. - Ritsuko ___

itemDate: Jan 24 2005: I would love to have Jessica sign the CD's. I am looking forward to hearing them and adding them to my Jessica collection. Keep up the fantastic musical standard! - Brian H____ in the UK

itemDate: Oct 4, 2004 - Jessica, Thank you! I must say I am more than surprised at the personal note from you! Your music never ceases to astound me. I was describing your music yesterday to a co-worker as 'Art Tatum like arpeggios, with astounding technical ability' - that is the closest to describing someone who stands alone'. Best regards, Michael ___

itemDate: Jun 12 2002 - I would also like to thank all the other people concerned with getting the CDs off to me, what a service, they arrived on the following Friday, packed with care, at 8am our time. I make that four working days, how do you do it!!, I cant get an airmail letter from Seattle that quick. thank you very much indeed. Enjoyed your playing immensely, as always. Once more let me thank you all most sincerely, great service and I will be back soon. Bless you all, Yours Respectfully, Gordon in the UK

itemDate: Sun, 5 Jun 2005; Dear Jessica, I rec'd the 12 +2 cds yesterday, and based on listening to one disc so far (dedicated to you), and the all alone, live at Yoshis and Jessica's blues, which I already owned, I've already decided that you are the greatest jazz (etc) pianist- composer in the history of history. Your music gives me great joy! Mike ___

itemDate: February 16, 2003 - Thanks for filling my order so quickly. A couple of years ago I wrote a letter of appreciation to the British mystery writer John Harvey after he opened one of his books with the main character being called out of a Jessica Williams concert to begin a murder investigation! At any rate, I recommend your recordings to friends all the time, including the students in a jazz history class I teach. Thanks for the cds, and for all the warmth and joy your music has brought into my life. -Ron D ___

itemDate: Sat, 23 Jul 2005. Dear Jessica, I am still aglow with the incredible gift of music you bestowed on us on Monday. It was absolutely terrific. I was being 'spoken' to! I was being shown a whole new vista from a mountain top! I was being educated... and you holding my hand and leading me on a journey... It was just incredible. Peace profound! Nyaho, Pianist, Seattle, WA

itemDate: Thu, 23 Jun 2005. Dear Jessica, I can't tell you what a treat it was to have you here at Yoshi's again. The music is always special when you play it, but this time it had that extra magic behind it that pushes it to the next plane... I can't wait to hear you again. Take care, P___, Oakland, CA

itemDate: Wed, 29 Jun 2005. Thanks for your incredible contribution to our society's culture and music! G___, Vancouver

itemDate: Sun, 21 Jan 2001- Dear Jessica, I was surprised when I found large package in my post box, because I didn't expect such an early arrival. It is needless to say that big surprise turned into deep impression immediately. Since then, I've been listening to your seven cds over and over again. The problem is that which one should I select to be next one. Thank you very much. Kazunori in Saitama, Japan

itemDate: Sun, 17 Jul 2005. Dear Jessica, It's a small town and miracles happen here. You are one. I heard you Saturday at The Art House. I am a artist and art teacher at The Evergreen State College. I try to find and attend jazz concerts often, and often the thread to the innovative origins of jazz music is substituted by a peculiar, flat, egomaniacal performance. You instead play to the heart of the matter and describe the world and all that is real about it, you play the truth with a kind of revolutionary and healing pathos. Your work is stunning. M ___, Olympia, WA

itemDate: Wed, 20 Jul 2005. Hi Jessica. I'm still on cloud nine after Monday night. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful experience for all of us. I loved all your selections, and the background information you shared. Mood Indigo was exquisite! R ___, Seattle, WA

itemDate: 10 July 2005; Dear Jessica, I really have to tell you that your CD Time To Burn is my favorite now. I think it is one of the best of your performances that I know. I can't stop playing Laura again and again. Wonderful. Greetings from Old Europe, Horst ___, Luebeck, Germany

itemDate: Tue, 26 Jul 2005. Dear Jessica, I am only just learning about jazz. I felt you take me to the edges of this universe and then back to the center. I felt like I learned so much about music and its connection to life listening to you. I wanted to see your pet pictures so I checked out your site. I am so glad to be able to you and let you know that your concert was a pinnacle in my life as a music lover. Thank you for going there and bringing it to me. C ___, Olympia, WA

itemDate: Mon, 25 Jul 2005. Thank you so much for coming to Olympia to play. Your concert was wonderful for us. I hope to see and hear you again. Bert Wilson just gave me your Some ballads Some blues CD. I loved listening to it this morning. Thank you. L ___, Olympia, WA

itemDate: Fri, 22 Jul 2005. Thanks, Jessica, and thank you for being there, you are never far from my CD player. You make a huge difference. All my best. G___, Alaska

itemDate: Mon, 09 May 2005: Jessica, thank you for your wonderful music. Were I on a desert island (you know the old set up...), and could have the music of only one pianist, it would be a close call between you and Bill Evans. (There is no greater compliment!) - Joel____, Florida

itemDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2000- Dear Jessica- I guess I'm in 8th heaven, 'cause the package arrived (I'm always amazed when Canada Post actually delivers) with 8 cds! Thanks again. It's wonderful! With 8 new cd's to play, I'll be drifting like a windswept leaf through your beautiful dreams all night! Warmest wishes, JG in Victoria

itemDate: Tue, 7 Jun 2005; GOOD LUCK with all the upcoming engagements. People are catching on to the Beauty, Wisdom, and Healing Power in your playing. Take Care, Grif ___, Md

itemDate: Wed, 29 Jun 2005: Jessica, I am truly honored to receive an from you. And thanks so much for sharing your music on the Internet. It is very inspiring for me. I just listened to Angelica and The Very Thought of You and my excitement over jazz has been instantly invigorated. Thanks for your incredible contribution to our society's culture and music. - Geoff ____

itemDate: Fri, 10 Jun 2005; Hi Jessica, I just wanted to tell you much I love your music and your great website. I am a music-loving attorney, and I appreciate your work here in our part of the world. I hope to catch your next show at Yoshi's. See you there. - Tim ____ , CA

itemDate: Tue, 8 Mar 2005; Dear Jessica: I received my order last week, and I've been listening every night. Thank you for the extra free unreleased disc from Jazz Alley. Without Walls is one of my favorites, along with Maybeck 2001, and For John Coltrane. I'm looking forward to seeing you play at the Kennedy Center in May. Thank you again for your beautiful music, and good luck! Take care, Steve ___

itemDate: 3/20/05; Dear Jessica- You're the best. I'm glad to listen to your music almost every day. And certainly glad to have spoken to you on the phone. Thanks for lighting up my life. - Eliseo ___

itemDate: 4/15/05; Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that you've been given special status in my cd collection. I have a pretty large collection sorted by genre. But certain favorites get their own stack. Of all of my jazz stuff Monk has always had his own stack (it's about 25 high) and now that I've collected a number of yours you've got your own stack too. And it sits right on top of Thelonious's. You guys have it all. - Robert M___

itemDate: 3/24/05; Dear Jessica, a few days ago I got my wonderful box of cds. Me and my wife Barbara went to Paris for a weekend last october. We rent a car and listen - while travellin' - to a network that only sends jazz music 24h a day. One morning the speaker says, while introducing 'I'm confessin' that I love you' from LIVE AT YOSHI'S, 'Jessica Williams is the Art Tatum of modern jazz, she is an artist incredibly underestimated'. I think that surely he was right, you are a hidden treasure for real connoisseur. Two hours after I bought LIVE AT YOSHI'S at FNAC and now that I have found your site make sure that - little by little - I will buy directly from you EVERYTHING. Much love and appreciation, Andrea & Barbara, Rome, Italy

itemDate: Nov 30, 2002 - I loved In the Key of Monk so I'm really looking forward to the new Monk album. Your web site is very well designed. Not all the garbage that everyone else has. This is what the web was intended to be like before all the pop-ups. - Gene in Spokane

itemDate: Oct 24 2004 - Dear Jessica: Great news on the Grammy nomination! We love that CD. Congratulations! - Joanne ___

itemDate: Nov 22, 2002 - Thanks Jessica for all that you have done so far. You are now my favourite pianist by far. Many thanks for the cd's and for your very speedy service. Thanks also for the - All the best- Arthur, Aberdeen, Scotland

itemDate: February 24, 2003 - It's a pleasure to buy directly from you. I always try to buy direct from the artist if I can. I had a good look at your site and I really do think it's a model for other musicians. I hate to say it, but good music is not going to survive commercially if we rely on the major labels for it. -Steve

itemDate: Oct 2, 2003 - Jessica: You are not only my favorite jazz pianist, you are my favorite jazz musician. You are my favorite MUSICIAN hands down, period / exclamation point!!! Your music is incredibly fantastic. The more I hear it, the more I enjoy and love it. Seattle fan, Bill P ___

itemDate: Nov 20, 2002 - Hi Jessica ... it's gorgeous music; peaceful, intense, passionate, far-away and close... it sounds as though you loved playing this music and making the cd. THANK YOU WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS!!! You are Fabulous! - Leslie, Seattle

itemDate: Nov 19, 2002 - Hi Jessica. Your CDs arrived this morning. I've only had a chance to play the first three tracks of Its Jessicas Time. I am stunned by both your playing and the quality of the piano recording. I have never heard a piano recorded like it. Normally the instrument occupies a fixed point in the soundstage, but your engineer has made it range across the whole soundstage and that is unbelievable. And thank you for the signed cover. That is something I will treasure. David G____

itemDate: Nov 19, 2002 - Hi Jessica - Cannot wait to meet you in person. I feel like you have been part of my life for a long time. Funny how music can bond people. I feel I know your spirit from your music. Just like with dogs! You deserve all the happiness in the world, cause you make so many feel happy. S___ in Tucson

itemDate: Oct 18 2004 Hi and thanks for your note. I will love all the Music. I always do! Especially what you do with Monk. I find myself often playing an odd medley of various of your recordings stitched together in my head. Thanks for all you do! - Kurt ____

itemDate: Nov 21 2003 Hello Jessica, Just received your cd 'Jessica Williams Plays For Lovers' Absolutely brilliant. I especially like 'Don't Explain' and 'That's All'. I have only just gone on the internet and yours is the first cd I have bought this way. I couldn't have chosen better! Thank You. -JM in the UK

itemDate: Sat, 21 Apr 2001- Jessica: Thank you very much for sending me your new album 'Solo Compositions'. And such personal service - way more collectable than any signed album, I have your signature on the customs form. Wow.- Bill ___

itemDate: Fri, 20 Apr 2001- Dear Jessica, THANK YOU for the unbelievably fast service! I received two discs from you today, and I have to say that I love seeing your now familiar handwriting peeking out from under our mail box lid. Sincerely, K ___ C ___

itemDate: Fri, 20 Apr 2001- Dear Jessica, Even though there are some 1600 CD on my wall (not to mention 1100 LPs somewhere), there's nothing that feels as good as a new JW! Love and blessings, F ___

itemDate: Mon, 8 May 2000 To say my wife and I were blown away would be the understatement of the century (ok, it's a short century so far, but it sounds good doesn't it?). Bless you for making the world a better place.-S ___ T____

itemDate: Mon, 16 Apr 2001- Jesssica, Thanks for your always prompt delivery.-This weekend I listened to your new Maybeck disc three times from to back, and partially a few times more. Thanks for making music that talks to me. -Richard ____

itemDate: Wed, 14 Mar 2001- Hello Jessica: I admire your approach to both your art and the conduct of your business- I've never been at a concert or recital where I felt the artist was speaking so directly to me. Thanks again for a truly wonderful musical experience Sunday night at Stanford. Best Regards, Rolf ___

itemDate: Oct 3, 2000- Jessica, I feel that joy is the soul and you bared your soul. Thank you for the joy! I am going back to work today, I am a massage therapist and when I work I feel I am doing my hearts desire. I look forward sharing your music with my friends and clients.- Blessings be to you!--Mary R ___

itemDate: February 22, 2000 -Hi Ms. Williams, Wow!! Wow! Wow! My wife Sylvia and I received your CD 'In The Key of Monk' and have replayed it every evening since, when we are enjoying cocktails in our plant room. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!- Sylvia and Dwight C ___

itemDate: 11 Jan 2000 To: 'Jessica Williams' Subject: Yours is a site to behold! Greetings Jessica, I am delighted to be among the special people who love you and your superlative body of work. As always, I look forward to your next CD with great glee and anticipation. Peace, L ___

itemDate: Jan 2000 - Dear Jessica: Thanks for the prompt response. These 3 CD's will complete my collection. Believe I will have all Jessica Williams albums now. You'd be awfully hard pressed to find a bigger Jessica Williams fan than I am. Jim ___

itemDate: 9 Mar 2004 - Dear Jessica, Two weeks ago I received 'Some Ballads, Some Blues' AND 'Jessica Williams plays for Lovers'. Whatever did I do Before Thou? All good things, and as you say, above all, Love. G ___

itemDate: Oct 13 2001- Thanks for telling me about the downloads. I loved listening to them, and shake my head at your awesome skill! I learn so much by listening to you. You are an inspiration!! -Donna ___

itemDate: Wed, 7 Feb 2001- Jessica, At one and the same time, your music blows the top of my head off and settles and centres me down to my toes. I could listen to you all day and all night and only in the morning realize I had forgotten to go to bed! ... Cheers! - Heather ___

itemDate: Sept 9 2003 - Dear Ms. Williams, As I am writing this, I am listening to your 'As Time Goes By' CD. I cannot find superlatives sufficient to describe your playing! Mr. Brubeck's mailto:jjw1948@gmail.coms could not be more accurate. You are, without a doubt, one of the greatest jazz pianists in the world! I am in awe of, and genuflect to, your keyboard mastery. I am equally touched by the warmth and sensitivity of your playing. You are, indeed, a magnificent and gifted artist! Respectfully, Frank ___

itemDate: July 9 2003 - Jessica- I heard you last night (Wed) at Yoshi's and wanted to thank you. You are so inspiring and seemed to be exactly what I need to hear right now. I teach beginning piano in Berkeley on Wednesdays and was so glad to be able to make the 10:00 show instead of driving back to Santa Cruz listening to Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, where I would hear your name often mentioned by her. I began to cherish the thought of hearing you. I love your playing and love the meditative and freeing tone of your performance. It takes me back to my childhood near Redondo Beach, hearing John Coltrane for the first time, and entertaining the idea of playing jazz piano. -Sandy ___

itemDate: Oct 14, 2003 - I just heard 'What's Next.' I know of no other musician who would ever attempt it! You have succeeded brilliantly. Monkish yet original! Love you, Jessica, -Fred ___

This site is dedicated to John Coltrane, Glenn Gould, Elvin Jones, Mary Lou Williams, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, and all who have devoted their lives and their souls to Music. "I want to be a force for good. I know there are bad forces here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the force which is truly good." - John Coltrane

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