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It's Jessica's Time

Its Jessicas Time

Review by George Fendel at Jazzscene Magazine

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It's no secret that Jessica Williams is one of the more versatile and astonishing pianists out there.

Her repertoire samples pop tunes, bop banners, intriguing originals and always a surprise or two.

All this and more is yours on a riveting solo performance at Seattle's Jazz Alley. For the record, the standards include I'm In The Mood For Love, I Fall In Love Too Easily, Bye Bye Blackbird and the two surprises, Lulu's Back In Town and a Hammond B-3 performance of the old swing classic, Red Top.

Jessica Williams Music, 1999; PlayingTime: 59:45; ****1/2

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Joyful Sorrow


A Solo Tribute To Bill Evans

Order Blackhawk's latest CD release, Joyful Sorrow, featuring Jessica Williams in a live concert at The Jazz and Blues Company in Carmel, CA.

Jessica Williams, piano, Review by George Fendel at Jazzscene Magazine

Rather than somehow trying to "sound" like Bill Evans, Jessica brilliantly puts Evans-like energy into the realm of beauty and emotion.

And what results is a stunning recital which will hold you spellbound. Jessica weaves three exquisite originals around Alone Together, My One And Only Love, Flamenco Sketches, I Fall In Love Too Easily and My Man's Gone Now.

But honestly, it's not so much the eight tunes. Rather, it's the artistry and love that you hear here. You'll know it's from Jessica's heart.

Blackhawk; 1998; Playing Time: 56:32

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