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Complete interview, Jessica Williams with Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz on NPR

Partial interview, Jessica Williams and Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air

Reviews and Interviews

  • Main reviews
  • CD Review; Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, reviews All Alone
  • CD Review; George Fendel at Jazzscene Magazine reviews It's Jessica's Time and Joyful Sorrow
  • CD Review; Jazz Weekly's Fred Jung reviews Some Ballads Some Blues
  • CD Review; JazzNow's Lawrence Brazier reviews Some Ballads Some Blues
  • CD Review; by Don Williamson, 52nd Street Jazz: Blue Fire
  • Performance Review; Jessica Williams at The Ottawa Jazz Festival by Rick Overall, The Ottawa Sun
  • Interview with Jessica Williams; Done in the UK in early Oct of 1999, it appeared in the Dec 1999 issue of Jazz Review, a British Jazz Magazine. An interview with Mr Philip Clark during a tour, in London
  • Interview; An interview with Jessica Williams by Fred Jung, freelance journalist
  • Interview; a write-up by Marianne Messina, the San Jose Mercury News, one by Andrew Gilbert, and two CD reviews by Jorg Knobloch
  • CD Review; C. Michael Bailey of All About Jazz reviews This Side Up
  • CD Review; Jeff Simon, Buffalo News, reviews This Side Up
  • CD Review; Shaun Dale of Jazz Review reviews This Side Up
  • CD Review; Harvey Siders, JazzTimes, reviews This Side Up
  • Performance Review; Tom Chandler,, "Jazz Music for Our Times: Jessica Williams plays Yoshi's"
  • CD Review; Bill Smith, Willamette Weekly, reviews Blue Fire
  • Performance Review; Jessica Williams at the Spoleto Jazz Festival, by Robert Jones, for The Charleston SC Post and Courier
  • CD Review; Jazz Times, Sept 2003 Issue: the Harvey Siders Top 10 CDs of 2002: All Alone is #1
  • CD Review; Alan Lankin, JazzMaTazz, reviews All Alone
  • Performance Review; "Jessica Williams adds new dimension to jazz", Spoleto Festival USA, review by Jack McCray, South Carolina Post Courier
  • CD Review; Harvey Siders, JazzTimes Magazine, reviews All Alone
  • Poll; The Poll Vault
  • CD Review; Review by Geraldine Wyckoff of This Side Up
  • CD Review; All About Jazz, Terrell Holmes; The Toronto Star, Geoff Chapman; reviews for All Alone
  • CD Review; Michael Henningsen reviews Jessica Plays for Lovers
  • Performance Review; from Jazz Review: The Ninth Annual Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival; Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Washington D.C., May, 2004, concert Review by Peter Westbrook
  • CD Review; Scott Yanow, Author, The All Music Guide, in the September, 2004 issue of the Los Angeles Jazz Scene, reviews The Real Deal. Also, a review of that CD by Steve Millward of The Manchester News, and another by Dave Gelly of The London Observer
  • CD Review; Live at Yoshi's, Volume One, various reviews by Jeff Simon, Thom Jurek, Andrew Gilbert, C. Michael Bailey, Don Williamson, Chris May, and Glenn Whip
  • CD Review; Live at Yoshi's, Volume One, various reviews
  • CD Review; JazzTimes, Steve Futterman, reviews Live at Yoshi's, Volume One
  • Interview with EMP Live
  • Following Monk: Jessica Williams by Owen Cordle
  • Performance review by Don Heckman, LA Times
  • 5-star Reviews of Song for a New Century
  • Owen Cordle review of Durham NC concert at DUKE University

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