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Various PhotosOf all the many musical experiences that I've had in fifty years of performing publicly, house concerts and privately presented venues (churches, community centers, etc) remain the most fun and the best way for me to develop closer, lasting relationships with my fans. We'll discuss how to best make the event happen. It can be an incredible amount of fun, a healing experience that changes the lives of everyone - and the beginning of a wonderful new way of relating to music, art, and the world.

As venues have become scarce in America for concert presentation, more and more music lovers are taking the initiative by presenting concerts in their own homes, or renting halls to bring artists to their town. To have a Jessica Williams concert at your house, you need a few basic things; a house large enough to accommodate 35 to 75 or more people (not necessarily your own house... you may also use a friend's house or rent a facility); a tuned grand piano in good repair (no uprights); and enough friends and fans to sign up for an evening of intimate solo piano.


How to put on a house concert:

Have a nice piano and a living room that can accommodate 35 or more people? Some choose to serve wine, cheese, and French bread, have friends do a "pot-luck", make some coffee, suggest a 'donation' of $30, $50, $75 or more per person. My fee will vary in different areas. If I'm coming to your area, she may be able to stay an extra day and perform.

I've also gone on the road just for one "stand-alone" house concert sponsored by a friend of the music. These individuals sometimes pay out of pocket, and present the concert free to their friends.

House too small? No piano? Is there a church, community center, or hall in your neighborhood that is amenable to presenting a cultural event? Is there a college or university in your vicinity that has a music department and a reasonable or supportive administrator or department head? Can you supply me with a phone number or address? (see also The New Music Initiative)

If you notice that I'm performing in your area and you would like to put on a 'soiree', this can work too. If I am already in the neighborhood, it becomes eminently easier to present me in a small, personal, intimate venue. I also love to play locally, within several hundred miles of my own town.

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Various Photos

I'll play at a friend's house... above with Frank Hanny


Various Photos

To a great crowd at Frank's San Francisco house


Various Photos

This is a cool place to play in Michigan, with the fine bassist Paul Keller


In LA with friends

I played a house concert in Los Angeles, CA, for Ralph Ehrenphreis


Abe and Jessica

Jessica in Des Moines, Iowa, with Abe Goldstein on his 50th Birthday.
Abe rented the Sheshlow Auditorium at Drake University, and Jessica filled it


Various Photos

Have a house concert!


Various Photos

Have another house concert!


Various Photos

Intimate setting, sweet and loving people...


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