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Our Environmental Policy

weRed and Blue Recordings and is committed to a clean, healthy environment. We will provide our customers with consistent high quality in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that sound environmental policy contributes to our strength and benefits our customers, staff members, and families by contributing to the overall well being and economic health of the communities we serve.

We will:

Limited EditionsComply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations.

Work continuously to maintain and improve the integrity of our natural environment and our products.

Work continuously to reduce our carbon footprint.

Never use evil shrink wrap on our CDs.

Work with our customers and communities to use materials that encourage source reduction, and consider end of use and life cycle issues.

Monitor our environmental performance regularly through honest self evaluations.

Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced and reduce the amount of waste in our company.

Use energy efficiently throughout our operations.

Turn off all unused machines (CD duplicators, computers, printers, sound equipment, etc) when not in use.

Re-use and recycle whenever possible.

We pay particular attention to:

Shrink wrap. We collect shrink wrap for recycling or for packing. We do NOT wrap our CDs in it. Since our CDs are assembled in-house, never see the brick - and - mortar marketplace, and are usually signed by Jessica before shipping (in which case it would need to be removed anyway) we DO NOT USE SHRINK-WRAP. This does NOT mean that your CDs are used. They are brand new, never used, direct from the factory. Shrink wrap is an environmental hazard and we avoid it.

Cardboard, which should be baled and recycled. Don't throw cardboard in the trash! It can be used again and again in packing.

Paper can also be used in packing. (Every tray card is printed from a template that allows two cards to come from one sheet of paper.)

It is very important that some items NOT go into the trash. These include:

Anything that is recyclable, including paper, cans, glass, cardboard, metal, aerosol cans. Fluorescent tubes or bulbs. These bulbs contain mercury and can pollute the groundwater.

We also dispose of ink cartridges and other used office supplies in a conscientious and safe fashion.

BY DOING OUR PART TO MINIMIZE our impact on the environment, we are doing our part to live up to our mission statement and help provide a cleaner, safer world for ourselves and our future generations.


Our Companies

Red and Blue Records,, and JJW Music (ASCAP) are Consolidated Jessica Williams Companies, all working under the registered name Red and Blue Music. is the web outlet for products created under the name Red and Blue Records and Jessica Williams. See copyright page


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