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It is hard to be a pianist without a piano!


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itemReport: updated April 12th, 2016:

To make a long story short: I am piano-less. My life kind of came apart for awhile. I am getting better now. You, my friends, were with me. Now I refuse to go away. I am here. I am playing wonderful new music that most everyone would love to hear. And with studio time at 300 to 500 and hour, well, nothing gets done that way. Things get done when I do them myself.

So I will make more music for you and I when I can get a nice grand piano. Uprights and little babies just can't cut the big stuff, and for recording they are useless. After 53 years of service as a "jazz" musician, I should have what I need to do my work. I will. It's just a matter of time. Determination is the key, and a good attitude. And patience. It all helps get me up the mountain, one rock at a time.

I have an NU-1 but it is electric and I can't practice much on it. It's better than nothing but is "wanting" . . . wanting a real piano!

I was a "prodigy". Started at 4. No childhood friends to speak of. While the kids played outside, I practiced. I was on stage by 6 or 7. And I could really play. In conservatory I was head of the class.

But I just wanted to play. Not to compete. The piano is a part of me.

If you can, please donate for my piano fund, which is also a way of helping me get healthy again and climb back out of this tight spot. You can donate here with PayPal or your credit card. Or send checks or money orders to: Jessica Williams, PO Box 891, Yakima, WA 98901. Bless you and blessings on your family. You bless me with your giving.

Pre-op (before surgery) - Scroll down for CT imaging/video

In my case, surgery was necessary. A very complex surgery on a very deformed back, which included: L5-S1 posterior interbody fusion and posterior fusion, L4-5 lateral extracavitary arthrodesis, L4-L5-S1 pedicle screws, Posterior posterolateral fusion, L4-5, A Smith-Peterson osteotomy at L4-5 and L5-S1 which is additional surgery to preserve nerve pathways after the removal of pounds of scar tissue and nerve root adhesions, Neuroplasty for adhered nerve roots, L5-S, interbody cage, L4-5 and L5-S1, Bipedicled paraspinal trunk flap - not enough muscle and tissue to close the surgical wound, 3 Laminectomies with foraminotomies and medial facetectomy L4-5, and full 3-level fusion including the removal of bone from the inner pelvis to structurally reinforce the screws, rods (radio-lucent), and internal instrumentation. Full dictated hospital report here

Disc DegenerationDark discs are flattening, herniating, causing nerve painMRI of my Scioliosis

Click to enlarge. Above: L5/L4 compression and degradation (plate1) and my scoliosis (plate3) and disc deterioration. The middle plate shows the "seepage" of L4 and particularly L5, and the pressure placed on the dura, which is what causes the pain and increasing morbidity. Without intervention, organ damage, incontinence, and full motility loss can occur. These are my personal images.

Post-op (after surgery) - Scroll down for newest CT imaging/video

anterior postlateral post

Click to enlarge. Above, 2 post-operative views, the first showing me from the front, with pedicle screws and PEEK bone cages and other "instrumentation. Slide 2 shows the left side, and the near-perfect alignment of screws and hardware. The pedicle screws are connected with radiolucent rods which makes them invisible to an xray. These are personal images.

CT scans


anterior view

Above: anterior view, CT, Mar 30. 2013

anterior view, CT

Above: lateral view, CT, Mar 30. 2013

If you cannot donate, my CD store is open again and my newest CDs are available.

Thank you from my heart, Jessica.

As an option to PayPal, you can send personal checks or money orders, made payable to Jessica Williams, at

  1. Jessica Williams
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  3. Yakima, WA 98907
  4. 518-364-6398

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