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I'm a Mac Gurl.

That's even my "handle" on When I say something stupid there, the guys let me have it with both barrels. Most of the coder geeks are guys, but there's a lot of us women too, and we are sometimes interested in the more visual and textural aspects of web design.

Heck, we're all Mac users, meaning we LOVE graphical user interfaces (gui's).

I wrote a bit, a few years ago, about how to build a web site, expecting some of my musician friends to follow the directions. No. Most still don't even know how to get mail, much less set up a POP3 account.

But there are other concerns now, platform-specific concerns. And new tech based on old legacy tech, like Web 2.0. A good example of what Web 2.0 is, you'll find here

It's about javascipt and ajax tamed to look like a flash app.

It's also about web apps (applications) that reside on the server-side (on the Internet) like this onenew window, a very cool app to make invoices, and free.

Flash is hopefully dying. It's clumsy, code-heavy, and crash-prone. Apple's Quicktime is far superior.

Mainly, though, in this very short article, I just wanted to touch on where the web is for me, how it's changing from my perspective, and why it's important to keep up with it.

When CNN gives me less than NO NEWS, and when FAUX NOISE (FOX News) gives me even less, there's always the online services. There are right wing, left wing, wing-nut, nut-wing, and every other slant you can think of out there. Here's a list of a few alternative servicesnew window

And there are free blogs for everyone. There's thisnew window, and thisnew window, and thisnew window, and many more.

For free online photo albums (yours), there's the bestnew window

Share your bookmarks and download other's favorites? Go herenew window

The neat thing is that, in a year or two, these sites may be gone, or they may rule the world.

The Internet is starting to grow up just a little, it seems.


Here's something NOT to do:

Please don't use Microsoft's Internet Exploder anymore. It doesn't even try to keep up with the new advances (Active X?!?) so you won't be seeing half of what's out there. If you must be on a PC, download Firefoxnew window or Operanew window or Flocknew window.

IE holds back progress by being noncompliant. It's purposely built to limit your experience, like looking through a long tube at the world.

Bill Gates has done a LOT for our world to make it better. But IE is not on that list of good deeds!

Keep up! It's fun!