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When we were children, we were taught to use our minds but not our hearts. As women our feelings were mistrusted and denigrated, while men made the "important, hard choices" that cost so many so much. Now perhaps it is time to look back on our 6000 years of patriarchy and weigh out how it has worked for our species. Perhaps now it is time to reclaim our power as females, just as it is time for males to find that they can feel, cry, nurture life, and follow their instincts instead of their money. The social pressures to be masculine boys or feminine girls are insurmountable for our children. They are trapped between two singular extremes that we have invented for them. Another model may emerge. It must, or our planet and our species is doomed to a very dark future. There is power and there is force. True human power will arise all around us. It already has, in the form of the awakened people of the Earth who rightly wish to take their place in the order of things, those who wish to live in peace and abundance rather than in war and scarcity. Force leads to more force, and inevitably to entropy and death. When we, as a species, see that our lives are impossible to maintain without the Mother that bore us—the Earth itself—and that all life springs from this miraculous blue sphere we call home, we may begin to heal, to grow toward the sky. Right now, many are beginning to question the "old ways that no longer work."

We are all from the same source.
We work to be a force for the good.

Life is to give away freely.
Life is to share, to live, never to hoard.

Acts of kindness are karma in action,
and love is the most potent force in the Universe.

Doing what we love keeps us young,
and making love makes us younger.

Making music makes us more beautiful.
Creativity lends us its own fleeting immortality.

Happiness cannot be achieved by avoiding suffering.
Death is a part of the cycle of life.

We are immortal in our words and our deeds.
Our words can heal or hurt

others and ourselves. Words are powerful things.
Some systems of belief can kill . . .

both ourselves and others.
Wrong ideas can cause illness and death.

Good thoughts and actions can cure disease.
Without love, true healing cannot occur.

With love, life is a continuous stream of miracles.
Music has the power to heal, music as miracle.

Art has this power. And peace on Earth
can only be won through loving the self: wisdom.

Wisdom can only be achieved through experience.
Experience cannot be gained without joy, without suffering.

All life is sacred. All life.
No one is no one, everyone is someone.

Not all battles should be fought.
Not all truths should be told.

Not all myths should be dispelled.
Not all magic should be understood.

Not all mysteries should be explained.
Mystery and magic is in our blood and bone.

We are made of starstuff.
We are made of the sand that makes the worlds.

We are not alone in the Universe.
We are not alone in our searching.

We are not superior to nature.
We are nature. We come from and return to nature.

We should not seek dominion over nature.
We are an idea of nature. It may dominate us.

The earth is a living organism.
The earth is our one native and only home.

We need to love and honor the earth,
As we need to revere our elderly people.

We need to nurture and protect our young people.
We need to worship birth, life, and death.

We need to love and protect our planet.
We need to love and honor and cherish each other.

We need to accept and celebrate each other,
enjoy each other. This all can end at any second.

The world is full of love and wonder every second.
We cannot afford to waste any more of these seconds.

JW, Jan 1, 2014



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