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As we move through life, so life moves through us.

We may think we're all alone in our separate bodies, cut off from each other both spiritually and physically. Our perceptions, our senses, tell us this. But just as astronomers thought that the Earth was the center of the universe, and the sun revolved around the Earth, our perceptions and senses easily lie to us. And we are more than willing to accept the lies.

The individual and all other individuals, the person and the world, are two manifestations of one singular reality, the universal reality of Oneness. This is the key to our power. To neglect this ancient truth is to abandon one's power; power to love another, power to create art, power to learn the truth, and power to change reality.

The reason we have lost our way lies largely in the fact that we perceive ourselves as single units, cut off entirely from Nature.

When we walk in the woods or watch the ocean waves or admire the intricacies of life in all of its forms, we start again to understand our Oneness with all that is around us. If we study and meditate on these concepts, we realize that, far from being powerless, we hold infinite power to change, not just our selves, but those around us. We possess the power to shape the future. If we see ourselves as lone wolves, searching for carrion and hoarding our treasures, we lose the ability to shape even our own lives, much less the lives of others.

If we buy a food product that is made by a corporate entity whose sole motivator is money, and if that product is created by causing untold and unfathomable suffering to another living being (a cow or a sheep or a chick or a lamb, for example) then we will inherit part of that suffering when we eat that food. Our power lies in the knowledge of what lies between us and the product. That knowledge informs our choices. We wield power when we acquire and apply that knowledge. If we share this knowledge with others, an entire corporation may collapse. This is an example of inter-connectedness, but there are other examples that go far deeper.

What we think and feel corresponds to what we perceive around and about us. We can expect the worst to happen, and it obliges us by happening.

We can think of a person we haven't talked to in years, and she will call us on the phone.

We can want a thing with all of our heart, and it comes to us in its most appropriate form.

We can fear a thing deeply, and what we fear the most will likewise come to us.

Our outer life is a direct expression of our inner consciousness. When a thought gains momentum and is expressed by action and force, it becomes reality. Every successful artist and musician knows this. It creates a standing wave of power, and that power is released through interaction with "outside" reality.

The thought becomes a dream, and the dream becomes a powerful force that can change the world for better or worse.

We are indeed powerful agents of consciousness when we learn to direct and utilize the truth of Oneness. We are less powerful when we think that we are alone, without a single bit of power to change anything.

Our government has used this knowledge for years to keep a huge percent of the population in a state of fearful powerlessness. Once the people understand their collective power, the government loses its power to thoroughly control the population. This is why the government stands ready to use physical force to quiet "unrest". But even physical force can be overcome with passive resistance and the strength of good intention and "right relation".

"Relation" is how each individual occupies space and time in their own (perceived) reality. And "right relation" is the way of the individual in the matrix of universal existence. Right relation creates and fosters positive power. Power can be deadly, but, in the hands and hearts of a person in right relation, power is never toward the negative or the ill. It is always towards the positive and the good. And since this individual knows at their core that their individuality is an illusion of space-time, they strive to change the world in ways that will promote peace and harmony, wellness and love.

Love is at the core of all great work. There can be no monument built, no music played, no art made, without love. It is therefore suspected, by some researchers in physics, to be a quantum entity, perhaps even the "fourth force". If it is true that love is a force, like gravity and magnetism and nuclear energy, then it operates on levels invisible to our senses. We cannot see gravity, nor can we feel magnetism. We cannot perceive the workings of protons and electrons and neutrons except in controlled laboratory settings. We are SUMYUN BUKMUN UMYUN (deaf, dumb, blind) to much of the 'machinery' of our existence.

It is no surprise that we perceive our fellow human beings as separate entities, to be mistrusted, mistreated, and devalued.

Searching for a deeper understanding of the relationship between our inner and outer life is the highest path to aspire to. Once gained, the knowledge can be used to transform darkness into light, evil into good, and poverty into abundance. When we accept Oneness, we can effect material change around us and spiritual change within us. We become porous, transparent, and unified with all things.

We become alive.

All things, animate and inanimate, respond to attention.

Strength attracts. Energy accomplishes. Love enables.

Wastage leads to scarcity. The things we waste eventually avoid us.

Hoarding leads to scarcity. The things we hoard drain our life force, and our power diminishes. with those who have jealousy or ill-will toward us brings illness and trouble.

Fear attracts the object of fear.

Expectation and excitement postpones the event. Remain calm and the desired thing will come.

Attitudes and opinions are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Gratitude in our souls for what we have received is the best way to attract more.

Life is not a straight line. It is a web. We are all linked in Oneness.


Jessica Williams, Sep 5, 2009





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