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"In our culture, males have been consensually deemed more important than females, logic more important than emotion, and money more important than life itself. Until the balances are correct, we will continue to be cut off from our Source, the Universe, the Earth, and our spiritual centers." - Stephanie Austin, Philosopher, Astrologer

People everywhere have noticed a change in the realities to which they've become accustomed. I've had friends tell me they're sick, they've lost their job, their old ways of living no longer worked. Many are losing their homes. Many more are trying to keep up with food prices, rents, and the daily demands of corporate greed.

I've had many friends pass away. So many that I even made a list!

There is something happening and most of us do not understand it.

We can take a "survivalistnew window" view, a "patriotic" view of it and come away convinced that all of our leaders are corrupt and psychotic. Or that democracy and capitalism cannot work, or that it's all a huge conspiracy to destroy every vestige of our nation, its infrastructure, its food and water supply, and dominate the Earth's ecosystem. Getting even more negative, we can convince ourselves that a few evil billionaires have decided to destroy most of us using nearly-invisible but efficient planning. We may even name names. Stories of mass genocide seems the order of the day. And, as we stew in this fertile ground of paranoia and resentment, our own values and codes slip away from us to be replaced by a morbid intensity of misery, a feeling that we are all sheep, all helpless, all doomed.

A really lovely way to live, huh?

Actually, I have more hope for our country and our species than I have ever had before. There are so many factors in play, so much potential for a kinetic change in this world, that to be blind to it is to rob oneself of a great deal of pure joy and excitement.

A "mentat summation", that is, an hypothesis based on available data (Dune-Speak) suggests a period of trial, of suffering, of extreme change . . . followed by a long period of recovery, along with new ways of living, a balance between the male and female sensibilities, a fuller understanding of our part in Nature, a deepening respect for our planet, the use of new technologies to free our minds and our bodies from the domination and submission so inherent in our present cultural system, and a very profound move towards the spiritual, emotional, and integrative aspects of our miraculous existence.

I already see these things occurring. We used to "hang out" in parks when I was a young girl. Now we hang out in malls. The mall has become a place to meet people, to experience a life not fully livable on the Internet or through texting or mailto:jjw1948@gmail.coms. And in every mall and store and gathering place, I sense a shift from the old ways. I am not mocking the old ways—I am simply saying that new and healthier ways are appearing everywhere I look. This could be entirely subjective, but I choose to believe these words over those who would have us be no more than mindless beasts of burden for a few wealthy "masters" and bankers. That "old way" is considered by many to be the way, the only right way.

Muad'Dibnew window, when told that it was the old way to have power struggles within the ranks of the Fremen, sternly replied: "WAYS CHANGE!"

I watch with some personal gratification and approval when I watch teenagers and young adults express themselves through their wardrobes and their behaviors. I see gender boundaries easing, and the social acceptance of femininity in some males, accompanied by more assertive behavior in females. I see it in their modes of dress. Of course, Seattle is a progressive city, but it is happening everywhere, according to my friends in other parts of the world.

The only domination and submission that these kids might be interested in is corset dresses and high heels.

But there are still the haters and takers. There are those who would destroy everything they have been taught to fear. Their biggest fear seems to be change. They will not stop change. They cannot stop it. The Universe is in constant flux, and we are in the Universe. Likewise, the Universe is in each of us.

I envision a world where yin and yang have been balanced and are truly equal parts of the whole nature of humans, and that humans realize that they themselves are biologic parts of a complex and eventually stable ecosystem. The Patriarchal Dominance culture of "Dominion over Nature" is opposed to equality and inclusion, parity and social justice. It must be, because its very existence is owed to its continued propagation through fundamentalist religions, dirty politics, and corporate control.


Separate women from men and you separate parts of yourself.

Give little boy children toy guns and they will grow up hungering to use real ones. Bully the boys into acting hyper-masculine and they will eventually be ready for any war of any scale for any duration at any time. Some of them will commit suicide rather than follow that path.

And women will be as active players in that system. They will produce the children who will die in senseless wars or wither at meaningless jobs, eating food-like substances, drinking contaminated water, believing in out-dated and obsolete assumptions.

In the Patriarchal system in which we find ourselves, most "big" decisions are made by men who are relying on out-dated and obsolete assumptions. Patriarchal systems seek to "tame" nature and control its FLOW. They seek to control people and things. They seek to engineer the weather, the air, the thoughts and the aspirations of the citizens. They always seek to thoroughly dominate women. And they always seek to repress or fully control art, music, literature, and self-expression. They are always sexually repressive. They do not tolerate dissent or individuality.

They are, essentially, anti-life.

These old warhorses sprung from the adled minds of old, wizened, dominant males no longer serve our species.

They are as outworn as the ox-drawn cart, as civilized as the Spanish Inquisition, and as workable as a Rube Goldberg Machine.


Finally, what do I see happening?

Here's what it is, and it isn't a bad thing.

Those of us who are mutable, with aspirations to be better human beings, with dynamic core systems and a healthy love of life, will make the switch. Change is the way I choose, and embrace. It is the way of Nature. It is an immutable law of the Universe that created us.

Those of us who cling to the old ways will have a very hard road ahead.

Those of us who accept other humans based on their character rather than their appearance or belief-systems or sexual identity or orientation will be able to see and feel life living through us.

Those of us who judge others, who speak negatively of other "kinds" of humans, will reap no benefit from the coming tide of change. They will resent it and actively try to prevent it. They will fail.

As life lives itself through us, our world will change. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you're looking at will change."

all the little children
all the sweet and small
living life together
loving one and all

all the lovely children
playing in the sun
we’ll be happy anywhere
long as we are ONE

we R 1



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