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Lunatics On Parade

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I know a good number of people who get deeply depressed by the power wielded by the present "elite aristocracy", that multitude of despots, plutocrats, autocrats, and just general lunatics who seem to be running things around here. It seems like every minute of our lives is filled with the repercussions of their backwards, upside-down decision-making. I've taken to calling their view of life on Earth "Backwards World."

I spell Earth like this:


Every new law they make seems backwards.

A new law called "stand your ground" enabling us to shoot anyone we don't like.

A new law in several states mandating the belief in a Supreme Being.

A new law called 'The Monsanto Protection Act' that protects Monsanto against lawsuits! As if they need protecting, like polar bears and condors and elephants!

And on and on.

I'll be the first to admit it: I've often been one of the people who get depressed. The great Kurt Vonnegut sure got depressed . . . just read Man Without a Country, his final book. Even the great Mark Twain lost all faith in humanity at the end.

What a sad and sorry thing.

I propose a new term for these thieves of the spirit: Lunatics On Parade.

LOP for short. So remember, these are LOP, not GOP.

I feel it's time to expose how, once we’ve bought into the Ubermensch world-view (a twisted interpretation of reality—with a dangerous, violently abusive world willfully erected around us to prove their claims) we begin to think that the LOP's lies represent a Universal Truth. Therein lies their only power. Our "belief" in their ideations and our participation in their game gives them their true power. Without our participation, their power recedes exponentially.

Belief Systems. Money. TV. Just a few of their tools of control.

The entire clockwork of consensual reality starts to topple without our participation.

Mainstream media. Staged events. Security theatre. Manipulated music. Bought elections. Bought politicians. Billionaires who want to live a thousand years and pay for such DNA research. Shallow publicity . . . even strained and unhealthy personal responses and relationships.

Remember, these LOP's whole plan is designed to replace reality with a false matrix of power that’s fed by fear. Don’t dwell on it, and see it for what it is. Their entire rickety construct will crumble, eventually.

We can defuse their power by refusing to participate. We can raise our own food. We can buy local and stay far away from WalMart. We can avoid GM "foods" and stop eating at fast-food outlets. We can walk away from jobs we hate and work for ourselves at the things we love. We can steer our own lives. We can start to speak to our neighbors again. We can grow up and stop doing their dirty-work for them.

Gosh. They want an end to birth-control, an end to Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security. They want GLBTI youth either jailed, killed, or "fixed" . . . they want to kill all the salmon, all the wolves, all the trees, all the habitats, all of the life in the seas. They want more oil. They want "clean" coal (whatever the heck that is). They want to sterilize the Earth itself.

They want, they want, they want. I can't quite believe that most of my neighbors are FOR all of these things! These are backwards, insane, hair-brained ideas!

We can begin all of this by a swift cutting action: Disengage. Disengage. Disengage.

We can realize, finally, that material things are just things. People are what's important! This planet we live on, our Mother, is what's important!


I am asking a lot. I know it. It requires that we first realize that we have been programmed. Brainwashed. It's true. You know it. Most of our lives, we've been fed horse-hockey.

After we swallow that bitter pill, we have to go about re-programming ourselves correctly. What a job we have! But maybe, just maybe, for the first time in recorded history [wouldn't the word "herstory" be a nice addition to Webster's Dictionary, too?] a human civilization could walk away from the evil and the lunacy and the backwards policies of its leaders!

I'm certainly going to try this.

They say—and I have some idea of who "they" are, namely LOP scientists, paid by LOPs to be one-sided (lopsided)—as I was saying, they say this: "A normal human uses only ten percent of the brain."

Well, if that's true, and I seriously doubt that I could even breathe or brush my teeth if it is true, then we're in some serious trouble. We are, anyway. But I intend to use as much of my brain as is humanly possible. Twenty percent. Eventually, fifty percent. In a few years, just for spite, I'll go for a walloping eighty-eight percent, running on all cylinders.

One percent for each key on the piano! What a thrill that will be!


Meanwhile, I think we need to disengage.

When we think of a thing to much, that thing gains power.

That which we fear the most is that which we will be confronted by. Like "Room 101" in the great George Orwell's 1984. Call it "Winston Smith's Worst Nightmare." For him, it was rats. For us, it's the LOPs. They needn't scare us silly. They have power because we have given them a blank check for our minds. We've handed over the store, so to speak. For me, it's time to reclaim my own values and dignity and voice and life.

The "Backwards World" will go forward again when most of us just ignore them and do what is right and proper and common-sensical and true to our hearts. We can once again be true to ourselves. We can once again be happy, productive, loving members of an extended human family. Doesn't that appeal to you . . . to not feel alone and displaced, ever, ever again?

To cite the great George Orwell once again: Hate is NOT love. Ignorance is NOT knowledge. War is NOT peace. Don't we all, deep down, know this?

I could be totally wrong, hopelessly askew. If so, it won't be the first time.

I just don't want to curl up at the end like a shrimp and feel helpless and depressed and thoroughly defeated by life. I suspect that's what the LOPs would like, and I'm not too interested in what they would like. They can't love, and that's something that should speak tomes to us. Life without love must really be a barren and lonely thing. I can't imagine it.

For me, it's high time I started using more of my brain. For starters, I'm not going to read the news on the Internet. I'm going cold-turkey. I dropped cable TV service a year and some months ago and felt infinitely better for it. I have a Blu-Ray player and a screen and me and my husband watch movies, old movies with really lovely plot-lines and real stars like Clark Gable and Jean Arthur and Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Who do we get? Justin Bieber? And who the heck IS he, anyway?

By the way, did you know that Cary Grant's real name was Archibald Alexander Leech? He was born in Bristol, England, a town that I played piano concerts in several times.

See? My brain feels better already!

-JW, Nov 27, 2013, edited Feb 19, 2015

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