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Gifting the Self, Gifting Others

After years of programmed thinking and acting, we start to realize that it's our programming that is doing the living for us, and not ourselves. Money can't buy you love, so why can't we see that love is beyond price? One would think that we would just spread love around everywhere. It doesn't cost us a dime!

Lately, I'm giving something good to almost everyone I meet or see or talk to or correspond with. Guilt? Not at all. Awareness: The love we take is equal to the love we make. The things we set in motion in the Universe spring from our deepest selves. They're either programmed, or they reflect the true self. When they reflect the true self, they change the entire world in ways that are often unknowable to us. We literally make our worlds.

Oh, I'm not saying that every illness and accident and "bad thing" is a result of our conscious intent. What I am saying is that, amid the "fates" and the randomness of chaos theory, we have increasing control over the outcomes of our deepest intentions when we realize our fundamental power as humans. Not force. Power. Love is power. Happiness is power. Optimism is power.

All of our dreams and hopes and desires can be made real as long as they are clear in our minds and as long as our intent is a positive one.

This is why I don't worry about the problems of our species as much as I did. I realized that I have more power in my love and my good intentions than I ever suspected. Consequently, I'm less afraid of the future, and way more optimistic.

Here's a great example of spreading love:

That's Tucker the poodle playing piano and singing for us. Tucker comes to us from another species, across many Universes. His consciousness is of a totally different sort than ours is. Yet he has communicated with us, as all dogs have done throughout our history. His species and ours have bonded in love and affection. An amazing relationship between two totally disparate mammals. And even though it wasn't Tucker's intention to be a "YouTube Star," it certainly was an act of loving intent for his human friend to share this video with us! And many of us have now shared in both human and dog consciousness . . . and been made better for it!

Here's another example of spreading love, this one closer to home for me:

Free Sheet Music

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All free!

And there's more to come.

Guilt! Gedoutahere! Life and love are to share, never to hoard. And a positive attitude with positive expectations will take us to the stars one day, once we work all this programming out of our collective systems!

It seems to me that the membrane between all of our different Universes, all of our different realities, is becoming thinner and thinner.

And as for the true "unconscious billionaire plutocrats", and they do exist, I am starting to notice that they are increasingly concerned about their personal safety. I can't see how this reality can exist for long as more and more people wake up to the ghastly fact that 85 people own half of the world's total wealthnew window . . . lots of folks will notice before too long, I suppose.

And I bet that those 85 people don't even like each other.

Meanwhile, we keep on giving, we keep on living, and we keep on loving.

If you don't feel like loving, do it anyway. You'll get into it.




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