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"Currents" is a repository for naked thought. I am often "working out difficult problems" right on the digital page. Whether I post it or not is up to me, of course. Just a word of warning:

Much of the writing here is "dated". It can be from last month and I still don't fully agree with it unless I have quoted a very wise person in my "articles". Often these pages are nothing more than cliff-notes and spring-boards for better ideas. I read some of these entries and I say "ouch" to myself.

Other entries seem quite laudable. Some even make a type of sense. I think in the way of music, without words, and words are often anathema to truth because there are layers in words like layers in onions. Peel peel peel. I try but often I meander.

It's just me. I'm very organized in my disorganization and my words sometimes wander into the hills of someone else's dream. I am obviously also very disorganized in my organization. There is no order here. I have created a portfolio of opposing viewpoints. I disagree with myself often. My take on life changes. I've been told I am like the weather. Sometimes I rain. Sometimes I pour. When my sun shines I bubble. When the darkness falls I babble.

George Santayana said "How will I know what I think if I don't talk about it?"

That's what this portfolio is about. Finding out what in the world I think. And feel. And other things too.


Some would say I am a classic Pisces. Born on March 17th in 1948, they say I am a "water-sign" and that my fish are swimming in opposite directions. Well, that's one way of putting it, I guess. Maybe others are sure they know what's going on here. I have never been sure. I just followed my heart. When I was four I knew what I was going to do. I just didn't know how to do it yet. I'm still like that.

It's safe to say that music is my language and my life. Oh, I have had lots of love. I'm very lucky that way. I am good at loving. My first two husbands would disagree with that, but they aren't here and I'm sure they're both very busy with their own self-deceptions.

So am I.

So here it is, this portfolio of some sense and lots of senselessness.

I like to let it rip! And I actually think a few words here make some sort of sense. To me, anyway. But then, I never know for sure. One day I'll rip through all these 200 articles like a lawn-mower and "throw stuff out". It was much easier with paper. No links and hypertext mark-up.

Jessica, Nov 16, 2015




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