Vital Signs

Vital Signs - Jessica Williams, solo piano, street date April 20, 2008 - A GENERAL RELEASE - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE

1 Vital Signs mp3 (Jessica Williams)

2 A Healing Song mp3 (Jessica Williams)

3 The Shroud (Jessica Williams)

4 Tutu's Dream (Jessica Williams)

5 Will O' the Wisp (deFella)

6 April in Paris (Vernon Duke)

7 For You Again (Jessica Williams)

8 Our Dream (Jessica Williams)

9 Just us (Klages, Greer, Monk)

Total time 54.42 -

"I feel that Jessica Williams is not just the top female jazz pianist around today but one of the top jazz pianists period. She's recorded a steady stream of fine albums over the years." - John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Jessica Williams, solo piano.

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itemAll compositions by Jessica Williams, JJW Music ASCAP
itemOne of the world-wide top rated solo piano CDs for 2007
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The artist's own summation:

"Recorded over several years, this album reveals a strong focus on technique(!) and flow of one idea into the next. It's one of my best, at least in those areas. I've been accused of being a master of self-promotion, and that I would not deny. My self-belief grows out of certainty and experience, not out of egoism, and one should never apologize about feeling good about one's self and one's creations. I feel fully justified in promoting this CD to the fullest. In passing, I should mention that you will not find this or any of my new Red and Blue CDs on download sites (starting in April of 2008), because of acts of corporate theft of my download monies by the RIAA and Senator Ted Kennedy: this site will be the only place to buy my NEW work from now on. Read about that in my blog in an article that I have not yet written but will, as soon as I cool off enough to write rationally and with a more measured moral outrage.

"'Vital Signs' is myself challenging myself on many levels, and stands as a marker, a commitment to exploring the possibilities of the piano, which I am feel I am truly beginning now, in my sixth decade. Having been ill for years and years, I am now healing and recharging. I do not intend to waste one minute of my newly extended and gloriously exciting life by looking for the grail. There's no way to go but forward, into health and joy and mature creativity on levels not open to me previously. And, when told that "Vital Signs" was the name of a popular book written by a physician, I said that I hoped he was a good one, at least half as good as mine. This collection is the reminder to me of what miracles lie within all of us, and humbles me in that I hear my own vitality and health rushing through every note. Enjoy it!" -JW

Street date: April 20, 2008. A major release on Red and Blue





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