PSI-FI, Jessica Williams: piano, bass, drums on trk 2; synth big band on trk 3; synth flute and bass on trk 5; synth bass and drums on trk 8. Piano on all tracks, 7-foot acoustic grand - ALBUM NOT AVAILABLE


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Virtual CD that was available for free download and home assembly. No longer available

Review or commentA review, by Lyle Rebbeck, Medicine Hat Jazz, Canada

Anybody want a free CD?

Jessica Williams has come up with a unique angle on marketing. Give it away! That's right. And it is ready and waiting for you, at Jazz giant Jessica Williams, who stunned our local audience during JazzFest 2001, has just recorded a brand new CD in her own home studio, and she is making it available on-line as a way of saying thank you for the support she has received, and as a way of celebrating the fact that her .com company turned a profit last year.

Jessica is certainly long past the need for self promotion. She has performed and recorded with most of the great jazz players, past and present. In fact, she just returned from New York where she recorded two albums with two of the best rhythm players in the world, Victor Lewis and Ray Drummond.

So, you say, how do I get this free music? Just go to, and follow the links. A 56K modem will do the trick. The full length CD can then be downloaded as MP3 files and burnt onto a CD. She has even included jacket covers to download as JPEG files to size and print. All you need to supply is a Jewel Case, and presto, you have a CD by one of today's leading jazz piano players.

And Jessica has not just dumped the out takes from last year's efforts. This is the Jessica we heard in Medicine Hat, inventive, technically on fire, musical and delightfully playful.

All tracks feature previously unrecorded material.

What may surprise you, and what may be one of the motivations behind the give away, is that Jessica shows her new experimentations with midi technology, something she may be trying to let her public know she is not only into, but pretty darn good at. It may seem unusual that someone so accomplished as an acoustic piano player would have any interest in digital sounds, but Jessica includes a few cuts here that show just how sophisticated midi music is getting.

For instance, her tune Like Like Someone (a take on the standard, Like Someone in Love), uses a terrific midi flute sound to play the head and take a solo. She bends the pitch, and captures the nature of jazz flute while accompanying herself on piano. Not only that, but she also plays drums and bass on this and several tracks, and does a more than respectable job of both.

On Newk's Fluke, she includes an entire midi brass and wind section, playing background shots, complete with swells and idiomatic ornamentation. Jessica is clearly having a great deal of fun here, while she is all the while very serious about creating true art.

PSI-FI is well worth the down load. There is plenty of solo Jessica, and the playing is as good as it gets. Enjoy this rare treat.

Once again, the best things in life are free!

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