OFFERING - Jessica Williams, solo piano - Recorded May 22nd, 2004, days after Elvin Jones' passing - A Limited Edition bestseller for Red and Blue Records - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE: BUY

1 It's Easy to Remember (Rodgers and Hart)

2 Ernie's Theme (Fred Lacy) mp3

3 Nancy With the Laughing Face (Van Heusen, Silvers) mp3

4 Offering (Jessica Williams)

5 Serenata (Jessica Williams)

6 I Want to Talk About You (Billy Eckstine)

7 A Well of Souls (Jessica Williams) mp3

8 Lonnie's Lament (John Coltrane)

Recorded May 22nd, 2004 | Total time: 58.50 | Liner Notes


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itemPhotos of Jessica Williams by Elaine Arc

itemThis is a JW Limited Edition CD, assembled by Jessica herself, signed and numbered by her; learn more here

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itemRecorded May 22nd, 2004, direct to 2-track digital audio at Red and Blue Studios in the Monterey Bay Area of California. All photos by Elaine Arc, 2004. Jessica Williams, solo piano (7' Knabe Concert Grand)


itemFrom: Brian H___ (in the UK) To: Jessica Williams, Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 21:53:14 +0100

Dear Jessica, CDs arrived safely this morning and have managed to hear a couple of tracks of Offering - absolutuely superb. Beautifully relaxed playing- Thank you so much and keep producing these brilliant CD's. You have given me many hours of pleasure. Brian H___

itemFrom: John P___(in the UK) To: Jessica Williams, Subject: Order received -Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:27:57 +0100

Hi Jessica, Thought you would like to know that the six CDs you sent last Monday have arrived safely this morning. (I'm in the UK) Hey! That's pretty good service isn't it? Thanks too for the unexpected gift of yourOffering. What a lovely surprise and how very much appreciated. Thanks again - and God bless.

itemDearest Ms Wiliams

The CD arrived today listening to it now, the sound is good, the piano sounds good to me on my little system, full round sound, gorgeous.

Whoa: Jessica this CD is brilliant! Yippee. I love solo piano my favourite thing JW, Glenn Gould, Michaelangeli, Fiorentino, Jarrett and a few others including some Aussies you have never heard of. We thank the Universe for the arms and hands and spirit of Ms Jessica Williams.

I LOVE IT! -Vicki in Australia

itemDear Jessica,

Thank you for sending me some of your music. i just put Offering on, after reading your beautiful dedication, and it's so peaceful to feel you living and breathing, at one and at home inside the music, wherever you go. Benny Green ___,NYC (Thank you so much, Benny - love, Jessica)

itemFrom: Mike G___(in the UK) To: Jessica Williams Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 23:02:41 +0100

Dear Jessica - Thank you so much for the Limited Edition Blue Tuesday CD to go with the sheet music. It arrived this morning - in barely 48 hours, all the way from California. A marvelous surprise, and completely unexpected - it really made my day (and the weather turned sunny too - one felt the influence of the
good Karma you predicted).

I was touched that you'd hand-packed and addressed it, and then, of course, saw that the CD itself was numbered and signed.

A true collector's item.

And such fine music! I first came across your work several years ago in the Maybeck Hall CD, which I found at the small local library here (so someone there has good taste!. I took it home because it looked different from the other run-of-the-mill material.

As soon as I played it, I was struck by its sheer musicality. It inspired me to pick up the threads of my long-time interest in jazz piano, and attend some classes locally - and I've made some small but real progress.

Since then I've attended several of your London concerts and acquired a good number of your CD's. The one you so kindly sent will take pride of place among them. I will certainly be keeping in touch with your web-site, and look forward to hearing much more beautiful music.

Thank you. Mike G___

itemFrom: Paul___ To: Jessica Williams Subject: Re: Cds Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 : Wow - talk about fast response. Thanks so much, Jessica. And thanks for music-making that in its purity and meditative calm is so conducive to peace and quiet and happiness and freedom. Best, Paul___


Liner Notes by Jessica Williams

This album is dedicated with love to Elvin Jones

Sometimes I sleep too much, but often I'm not sleeping ...I'm listening to the songs that come and go in the abyss. After all these years, the songs are still like new to me. All the notes I ever played get played again, and I have to live with those notes until the songs stop. So they better be good notes, and they better all fit in the right places and be the right size and shape and texture and color. They have to last an eternity, and I have to like them, love them, at least be able to look them in the eye. They're MY notes, like children, going out to do as much good as I can teach them to do. Working together (the notes and I) we come up with combinations that make songs that make sense, we come up with music that makes love.

Music is a gift. Like life, it comes and then it goes. Like the days, the nights follow. The Music stops for awhile. Then it starts again. If it didn't, I'd die. We all would, I suppose. Music and dance and poetry and light and color and love are as much a part of humanity as food and water and air and freedom.

Any good song tells a story, and stories are for telling. We need people to listen to our stories, and we need people to make songs that tell us about love and truth and beauty and freedom and peace. Now, more than ever, the world needs these things. I need these things. I hope I can bring some of these things to you through my story-telling talents.

Solo piano has always been my favorite vehicle for my kind of story-telling. At the piano, alone, the Music plays through me and runs from my fingers like water over stones.

My stories are all about magic and miracles. My notes are my words.

My songs are for you, for all of us. My songs are offerings.

They are sacred, holy prayers.

For all of us.

This album is dedicated with love to Elvin Jones

I miss him. I miss him and 'Trane and Miles and Monk. I miss people I knew a little more, I guess, like Dexter and Philly Joe and Tony Williams. And I didn't really know Elvin personally. I played one tune with him at the Keystone Korner, and I got hugged by him (and I was drenched with his sweat, all down the front of me, but it was pure water, there wasn't any scent to it, it was just pure clean sweat, cycled through a healthy human body, the healthiest human body you've ever seen) but I didn't know Elvin.

Then again, I knew him intimately. From A Love Supreme to Transition to Crescent, from his work with Larry Young on Blue Note and his work with Joe Farrell (Puttin it Together) to his playing with Earl Fatha Hines, I knew every triplet, the placement of every little nuance. I even learned how to play a few things on the drums that sounded a little bit like him, all triplet things, all about shifting the triplets around in different ways.

His drumming was organic. It told a story. It was a slipping and sliding backwards and forwards kind of feeling, and the space between the beats, at any tempo, was enormous. So much room to play over, and like a feather bed. Soft and warm and easy to feel. And so many said how loud he was, and I was there at the Keystone and it was two bands: Elvin's quartet, and the great Max Roach and his pianoless band (with Odean Pope and Cecil Bridgewater) and he was a whisper compared to Max. He was a butterfly.

And he sweat... he was playing this ballad with brushes, and it was like he was digging a big hole with soup spoons, and he was sweating rivers, and the time in that ballad was as deep as any river. He had the white towel around his neck, and he was beautiful to look at and listen to.

I'll keep playing and believing in A Love Supreme. I'll play for Elvin, like I play for Dex, like I play for (and seek counsel with) Philly Joe.

This world won't be as complete, though, and this music we call jazz won't ever be quite the same without him.

Long live Elvin Jones. -Jessica Williams

Recorded May 22nd, 2004, direct to 2-track digital audio at Red and Blue Studios in the Monterey Bay Area of California. All photos by Elaine Arc, 2004. Jessica Williams, solo piano (7' Knabe Concert Grand)

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