Longing is a commisioned work dedicated to Attorney Jeff Adatto. It was commisioned by R. Happy Rons of the Olympia, WA legislature.

There will be a very limited sale of this album, 20 copies. It is solo piano and all original.

Longing - Jessica Williams, solo piano

In Memoriam

Jeff Adatto

Assistant Attorney General Ray Hinea III contributed this remembrance of a friend and colleague.

It is my sad duty to report to the members of the Bar the passing of our good friend and colleague Jeff Adatto. Jeff lost his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) on Monday, July 12, 2004, comforted by the presence of his family and close friends. He is survived by his wife, Lisa; his children, Daniel and Suzanne; as well and his parents, brother, and sister.

Jeff was a 20-year veteran of the Washington State Attorney General's Office. For close to 18 years, he was the section chief of the Vancouver office, managing a staff of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants while carrying a caseload of his own. He also served on the Clark County Bar's Superior Court Bench/Bar Committee. His failing health forced him to step down from managing the office in July 2003. However, he continued to work from home until the end of that year, providing advice and mentorship to the attorneys who took over his cases.

Jeff primarily practiced in the area of workers' compensation law, representing the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and in Superior Court. His expertise in this area of law was well known. His advice and mentorship was sought out by other assistant attorneys general from around the state and by local private-practice attorneys. He was respected by his adversaries and judges, both for his comprehensive knowledge of the law and for his ability to inject his sense of humor at the appropriate time.

The staff who worked for him knew him as a compassionate supervisor. He deeply cared for everyone's welfare and ensured that their family concerns were treated as a higher priority than the demands of the workload. This created an intense loyalty by staff members: "You worked hard so as not to disappoint him."

Jeff was a graduate of Lewis and Clark School of Law. Upon his acceptance into the Washington State Bar, Jeff worked for Evergreen Legal Services in Wenatchee. In 1982, he moved to Vancouver and joined the firm of Fritzler and Hall. He joined the Attorney General's Office on April 1, 1983.

Jeff had many passions outside of his professional life. His greatest passion was his love for his family. There was never any question that they came first in his life. His other interests included movies, music, and good food and drink enjoyed in the company of friends. His knowledge of trivia would have made him a finalist in any Jeopardy competition.

Jeff will always be thought of by his friends and colleagues as a good friend, a just man, and a gentle man.








































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