Live at the JBL Theatre in Seattle

Live at the JBL Theatre in Seattle; Jessica Williams solo piano. All new, never-before released material, recorded on-site live in January of 2003 - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE: BUY

1 A Tribute to Monk: Round Midnight, Ruby My Dear, Worry Now Later (Thelonious Monk)

2 Birk's Works (Dizzy Gillespie) mp3

3 I Thought About You (Van Heusen)

4 The Very Thought of You (R Noble) mp3

5 Alone Together (Deitz, Schwartz)

6 Part One, Naima (John Coltrane); Part Two, A Tribute to Coltrane (Jessica Williams)

7 For Rosa Parks (Jessica Williams)

8 Once in Awhile (B Green, M Green)

Total time: 65.35. All compositions by Jessica Williams are published by JJWMusic ASCAP


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The JBL Theatre in Seattle, Washington is an architectural wonder...some would call it a nightmare. I was so impressed by the sheer audacity of the design that it stirred up all kinds of thoughts and questions about what some call formalism or aesthetic balance; very little about the structure is balanced in the traditional sense. Containing memorabilia from many musicians, particularly Jimi every kind of event from serious theatre to comedy to jazz to blues to rock and has also been christened the Experience Music Project (EMP) after the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

An amazing edifice, and a great place to make my Music. (The cover art is by yours truly, and is called Sky Church; that's the main stage at the JBL).

The sound is phenomenal, the piano a Steinway B, and the people absolutely respectful. I had a great time that evening. I was sent a few CDs of my performance, and somehow never got around to listening to them.

Well, a few weeks ago, I listened, liked what I heard (for the most part... I am still totally exasperated when I hear myself showing off or playing old ways and old ideas.) Still, the spirit is up, and there are a few really unique treasures for me. One is Dizzy's Birk's Works and another is I Thought About You. I like the opening Monk tribute and the Coltrane tribute (improvised on the spot, right after Naima). I like Once in a While.

I think it's a solid program. My playing is going in new directions now, and there's a lot here that I won't play, ever again, but it's a good listen and I keep playing it. That's my only and final test.

*Compositions and improvisations by Jessica Williams, JJW Music ASCAP

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