THE GIFT - Jessica Williams, solo, trio; all previously unreleased material! - a Limited Edition Bestseller on Red and Blue Records

1 When Your Lover has Gone (Swan) mp3

2 Paul's Pal (Sonny Rollins)

3 Don't Take your Love from Me (Nemo)

4 Dear Gaylord (Jessica Williams)*

5 Garlands for Red (Jessica Williams)* mp3

6 I'll be Seeing You (Bowman)

7 Newk's Fluke (Jessica Williams)*

8 Empathy (Jessica Williams)*

9 All Blues (Miles Davis)

Total time 65.01 minutes


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item*Compositions by Jessica Williams, JJW Music ASCAP

itemPhotos of Jessica Williams by Elaine Arc | A Limited Edition

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Recorded direct to digital hard-disk by Elaine Arc and Jessica Williams

PRODUCED BY JESSICA WILLIAMS for Red and Blue Recordings

Jessica Williams plays a Steinway B concert grand

"I want to thank the many people that continue to support my Music, buy my CDs, and attend my concerts. Because of you, I am still searching, seeking, and occasionally finding the Truth between, around, and within the notes (and the silence). It’s my greatest joy to share these illiminations of the soul with you. Shalom, Jessica Williams"

All photos of Jessica Williams by Elaine Arc, artist and photographer - Monterey 2006,

Digital duplication by Rainer Gembalcyzk at Sienna Digital in San Mateo, CA



itemDate: Tue, 02 May 2006 - WOW - Got the CD's today. WOW describes it. I've only listened to the Billy Taylor one. Beautiful. One of the first tracks has what sounds like Leroy Vinegar's bass on it. Wonderful music. I can't wait to listen to the other four disks! I'm digitizing my records and running my CDs to the same hard drive as well. I don't want to take a chance on losing any of this great music and emotion. Thanks again, Peace and love to all of you, Mike ___

itemDate: Mon, 1 May 2006 - I received the 10 CD's and I already listened to 7 of them. All of them are fantastic!! My favorite ones so far are The Standards Vol.1 and Time To Burn. Your original composition "Love and Hate" on the Unity CD was beautiful. Every number surprises me with your unbelievable technique & improvisation.You are right up there with Tatum & Peterson! I look forward to ordering additional CD's in the very near future. Sincerely, Arnie ___

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