SOLO PIANO COMPOSITIONS - Jessica Williams, solo piano, all her own original compositions. All new, never-heard before original studio takes of these compositions - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE: BUY

1 Innocence (J Williams) (for Mary Lou Williams) mp3

2 Blues for Bill (J Williams) (for Bill Evans) mp3

3 Visions (J Williams) (for John Coltrane)

4 What's Next (J Williams) (for Thelonious Monk)

5 Spoken Softly (J Williams) (for Tony Williams)

6 Waltz for Red (J Williams) (for Red Mitchell)

7 Remembering (J Williams) (for Thelonious Monk)

8 Elbow Room (J Williams) (for John Coltrane)

9 Dark One (J Williams) (for Miles Davis)

Running time 61 minutes. All new, never-heard before original studio takes of these compositions. All Compositions by Jessica Williams, ©2004 JJWMusic ASCAP


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itemCover photos of Jessica by Jimmy Katz

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SOLO PIANO COMPOSITIONS features an all-original program, including dedications to Tony Williams, Red Mitchell, Monk, and Bill Evans. Contains compositions never heard before, on Red and Blue Records



item'Of all of your solo recordings, this one (Solo Piano Compositions) is by far the most downright breathtakingly beautiful! I listen to it every day on my way to work, I've burned a copy (whoops, shouldn't do that, huh?) for my wife (who also loves your work) and I listen to it at home at night when the kids are in bed. What next, fair lady? How do you top this? You've managed to capture heaven on a silvery compact disk. Thank you from all of us mortals! -Howard C ___ in Boston, Mass

item'I admire the work that goes into your limited editions. They must take hours to make. I don't know where you find time. I'm a pianist (just a hobby) but I love your music not because it scares me or impresses me but because it makes me feel there is hope that I too may one day make great music, because it comes from the soul and not the hands, just like you said when you were here. As long as I remember that, I think I start to sound a little bit like you. Thank you, Ms. Williams, for these special cds and for your special gifts. -Wayne H ___ in Des Moines, IA

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Artist's Review of this CD:


One of my faves. JW Feb 11 2016