1 Prayer and Meditation (Jessica Williams, JJW Music ASCAP) 6.44 mp3

2 Just Words (Jessica Williams) 8.53

3 Naima (John Coltrane, JowCol Music BMI) 8.12

4 Lonnie's Lament (John Coltrane) 6.20

5 On Freedom Street (Jessica Williams) 6.12

6 Still Life (Jessica Williams) 5.24

7 The Vision (Jessica Williams) 8.50 mp3

8 Welcome (John Coltrane) 6.48

Running time 57.32. All compositions by Jessica Williams are published by JJWMusic ASCAP. All compositions by John Coltrane are published by JowCol Music BMI


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itemFor me, this New Year begins so well... yesterday I got NOW!!! and For John Coltrane in my mailbox. I hardly had time to immerse myself in the last two (Time to burn and The Gift) and now there's more and more. What I did, early this morning, was this: I started with For John Coltrane. I never learned to love Coltrane: McCoy is one of my all time favorite piano players, but Coltrane, I can't sing to it, that's one, I love to sing and hum to my CDs. It goes so much deeper than mainstream, from where it all started for me. I bought singer Karrin Allyson's "The ballad album of John Coltrane". But that, beautiful as it was, was a sort of translation for the layman...

So I put on your CD and started to do my work. Until I had to stop. Stop, sit down and really LISTEN. The beauty leapt from the speakers. I recognized Naima, of course, but not much else. But I felt engulfed by the mood, the atmosphere, the sense of force and tranquility at the same time.

The sheer sense of beauty - The "sheets of notes", as the critics call them, do not attract me to Coltrane, at least not the four or five times I've tried. But I listen to your 5 originals and 3 Coltrane hits, and I think I hear your version of those sheets and they mesmerize me. I have the headphones on now...

In the meantime your CD is on its fourth or fifth play and I think this is different from most of your other music. I am going to check with former Coltrane related tunes of yours. I just will let myself be engulfed and enjoy! And I'll let you know about the other CDs. Thank you very much for all of this! - Buyer's Review by Kees Franc, a teacher and writer in Holland; 1.06.05

itemLiner notes by Jessica Williams

For John Coltrane: Jessica Williams, composer, piano; Dave Captein, bass; Mel Brown, drums

John Coltrane has been my light through the darkness. When there are questions, I'll ask 'what would Philly Joe Jones or Dexter Gordon do'; and when things get REALLY weird, I can ask the 'Trane.

Right now, John's beautiful album 'A LOVE SUPREME' (on Impulse) is on my CD player. I've lit a few candles and am burning some incense. John just launched into 'Psalm'. Elvin is playing the kettle drums and cymbals, Jimmy is playing these beautiful (so subtle) counterpoints to John's reading of the prayer to the Universal. McCoy is an ocean wave.

John speaks through his horn: 'no road is an easy one, but they all go back to God'. People get so warped out about the word 'god' when all it is, is us, all of us and each of us; it's the sea and the sky and the stars. We are star-stuff, we are one vibration in a standing wave, and it doesn't matter if it's called god or goddess or Allah or Aum or Chi or Orgone. It's gravity and light-years and galaxies colliding and little kittens and bodily love and that chill you get when you listen to great music or see a great painting or hear the sounds of the forest.

When I was younger, I didn't understand about Power. I thought it was something men had, something that the science of men had made real. Now I know that Power is within everyone, and that it can cure or kill, heal or destroy, give joy or pain. The Power is in the human heart, and it can choose its manifestations. It can be a force of good or of evil. It can bring harmony or destruction. It can make life heaven or hell.

I personally prefer heaven.

It works this way for me: I get to give away my Power through my piano, and it translates (most often) as a force that unifies and purifies. I am often misunderstood but my Music is hardly ever misunderstood. The more I give away, the more I have.

John only lived for 40 years, but he was seeking a path to enlightenment, and in his seeking he led many of us to join the search. In the words of Coltrane, I have found the beacon by which I set the course of much of my life:

"I want to be a force for real good. I know that there are bad forces here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the force which is truly good."

-Jessica Williams, December, 2004, Monterey Bay Area, California

Ms Williams would like to personally thank every single listener whose kind support has enabled her to pursue her dream; to heal people (and herself) and to make people happy with the gift of her Music.

Piano is a Steinway 'B'. Recorded in 2004 at BC Sound Studios in the Monterey Bay Area, CA. Technical assistance by Rainer Gembalcyzk, Sienna Digital,

Compositions by Jessica are published by JJW Music/ASCAP, and compositions by John Coltrane are published by JowCol Music, BMI

©2009, Red and Blue, all Rights Reserved


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