Blue Tuesday

BLUE TUESDAY - Jessica Williams, solo piano, all her own original compositions. All new, never-heard before original studio takes of these compositions - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE: BUY

1 Toshiko mp3 (for Toshiko Akiyoshi)

2 I Remember Bill (for Bill Evans)

3 Clear Blue Lou (for Mary Lou Williams)

4 Blue Tuesday mp3

5 The Sheikh (for Leroy Vinnegar)

6 Simple Things (for Dexter Gordon)

7 Spoken Softly mp3 (for Tony Tilman Williams)

8 Still Life

9 Blues 2K

10 What's Next (for Thelonious Monk)

Running time 61 minutes. All new, never-heard before original studio takes of these compositions. All Compositions by Jessica Williams, ©2004 JJWMusic ASCAP

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itemPhotos by Elaine Arc

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itemThis is a JW Limited Edition™ CD, assembled by Jessica herself, signed and numbered by her; learn more here

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Buyer Review, Aug 3, 2007: Arnie Fox, author, musician, pianist, artist,

I just finished listening to Blue Tuesday. The Sheikh - I've heard you play this before but this version is "amazing". Blues 2K- your left hand reminds me of Dave McKenna but it's your own beautiful style. Spoken Softly- a tender blues in which the chords resolve beautifully.What's Next- is that you laying down a track with flutes or are there really jazz flute players? Whatever it is, defies description! Blue Tuesday- a real bluesy arrangement that kept me up till 3:20 A.M! Simple Things- the melody line makes you want it to have lyrics to sing to-beautiful! Clear Blue Lou - this has everything including some "stride piano". I only wish I was there when you recorded this CD so I could watch your hands cover the entire keyboard. 10 stars!!!!! - Your friend and fan, Arnie Fox