Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

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TOUCH (solo piano live in concert)


TOUCH - New. Jessica Williams, solo piano, live in concert. In the news, Jessica Williams' new album "Touch" scores Top Ten on AllAboutJazz

"Masterpiece isn't a word to be tossed around lightly. Jessica Williams, with the eighty-eight piano keys and a lifetime of musical immersion, has created one with this recording." - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz.5 stars

Goodbye, Porkpie Hat

I loves You Porgy

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WITH LOVE (solo piano)

With Love

With Love - New, highly recommended 2014 performance by Jessica Williams. Just released on OriginArts, International distribution. Jessica Williams plays lovely, lush ballads. Recorded in 2014. A must-have.

"This marinating in the melody without artifice, without flash or a hint of pretention, reveals the human side of the lyrical content of these songs—the truth of these songs . . ." - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz 5 stars

For all We Know

But Beautiful

Paradise of Love


My Foolish Heart

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Solo Compositions

Solo Compositions - Remastered. All original music. Jessica Williams, solo piano, all original compositions, an absolute must-have for any serious collector of Jessica's work. Some of the clearest, most focused playing on CD, this music will be a part of your life after a few hearings. An artist favorite.5 stars

"She is one of the top jazz pianists of today, a powerful virtuoso whose complete control of the keyboard, wit, and solid sense of swing have combined to make her a particularly notable player. Although she appeared on Charlie Rouse's final record and gigged steadily, Williams was largely off record, outside of her own private label Red and Blue, until re-emerging in the late '80s as a brilliant solo acoustic player. She is a giant, consistently brilliant." Scott Yanow, The All Music Guide


Blues for Bill

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TATUM'S ULTIMATUM (solo piano)

Tatums Ultimatum

Tatum's Ultimatum - 5th reprinting. Jessica Williams, solo piano. Dedicated to Art Tatum.

"It is new, and it is stunning... executed in some passages at supersonic speed with timing and accuracy that recall Tatum. One of her admirers who is also a world-class jazz pianist told me recently, 'I think Jessica is the cleanest, fastest pianist I've ever heard'" - Doug Ramsey, critic for JazzTimes5 stars

Begin the Beguine

Petite Fleur

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AS TIME GOES BY (solo piano)

As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By - A bestseller, now re-issued. No longer a Limited Edition. Jessica Williams, solo piano, playing familiar music by Gershwin, Kern, Berlin, Garner, more.

"I will say on record that I think she is the finest pianist of our time. And her records are bar none, the most consistently immaculate and for your hard-earned dollars, a Jessica Williams album is a no-brainer" - Fred Jung, All About Jazz ...

Fly Me to the Moon

Bye Bye Blackbird

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FRIDAY NIGHT (trio live in concert)

Friday Night

Friday Night, The Jessica Williams Trio. New on Red and Blue. Jessica Williams, piano, composer, with John Wiitala on bass and Kent Bryson on drums, live at Yoshi's in 2005. Fine trio jazz played with skill, daring, originality, and lots of emotion 5 stars

I've Never Been in Love Before

The Child Within

Nichol's Bag

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SATURDAY NIGHT ( trio live in concert)

Saturday Night

Saturday Night, The Jessica Williams Trio. New on Red and Blue. Jessica Williams, piano, composer, with John Wiitala on bass and Kent Bryson on drums, live at Yoshi's in 2005. Fine trio jazz played with skill, daring, originality, and lots of emotion 5 stars

If I Should Lose You

By Dollar Brand

Beautiful Girl of my Dreams

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Jessica PLAYS (solo piano live in concert)

Jessica PLAYS

Jessica PLAYS - Brand New On Red and Blue. Jessica Williams, solo piano, composer, live at Stanford in 2005. One of her favorite concerts. All original tunes. Jessica Williams' own most popular and requested original Music 5 stars


The Judge


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TIME IS LOVE (solo piano live in concert)

Time is Love

Time is Love - New On Red and Blue. Jessica Williams, solo piano, composer, released 2013. Bestseller 20145 stars

Easy to Remember

Every Time we say Goodbye

Willow Weep for me (for Hank Jones)

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THE LAST MONK (solo and trio)

The Last Monk

The Last Monk - New. Jessica Williams, solo piano. Jessica plays tunes by Thelonious Monk, released 2013. On Red and Blue. Includes bonus trio tune.5 stars

Monk's Dream

Raise Four

Ruby my Dear

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REFLECTIONS (solo piano)


Reflections - New on Red and Blue. Jessica Williams, solo piano, composer, released 2013. Best Seller 2014 5 stars

"Poetic, bluesy musings with a warmth and clarity that's very seductive. You owe it to yourself to listen to this true jazz original" - Rasputin's 5 stars


Maiden Voyage


Will o' the Wisp

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Art of the Piano

"The Art of the Piano is another stunningly beautiful set by Williams; solo piano gets no better than this" - By Dan McClenaghan, Senior Contributor, All About Jazz Top Ten5 stars

Triple Door Blues


First Gymnopedie


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BILLY'S THEME (solo piano)

Billys Theme

Billy's Theme. Jessica Williams, solo piano, her musical tribute to the venerable Dr Billy Taylor.

Grammy Nominee. She premiered it at the Kennedy Center in Wash, DC with Billy on stage with her playing a duet just before his passing.

"Out of the 150 cds I have listened to this year, this is the CD OF THE YEAR for me. Brilliant. Genius. Original. Breath-taking. 5 STARS!" - Michigan Jazz Week5 stars

"Her music approaches the exhilaration of a Keith Jarrett concert in its rushes of spontaneous discovery" - JazzTimes 5 stars

Finally Free

Billy's Theme

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Freedom Trane

Freedom Trane - New on OriginArts. Jessica's trio with Mel Brown, drums and Dave Captein, bass. Mostly original compositions. Dedicated to John Coltrane.

"Freedom Trane provides that special sort of chill that comes from hearing great music—and this is most definitely great music, made by a great artist. This is a high quality, highly recommended performance by Williams, a consummate musician of astonishing grace, passion and skill" - All About Jazz 5 stars

The Seeker (full length)

Paul's Pal

Prayer and Meditation

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RAIN (solo piano)


Rain - NEW. Solo piano. No hype. Very meditative, very peaceful. The music is to calm and soothe the spirit. The music is transparent as is the pianist 5 stars


From air, to air

Mi Solamente

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THE GOLDEN LIGHT (all instruments including piano and drums)

The Golden Light

The Golden Light - Jessica's first 1977 "commercial release" reissued on CD. Powerful, with speed to spare, it's pedal-to-the-metal pianistics. Jessica also plays drums, congas, percussion, and bass on most cuts. Add to this one special vocal with Joyce Diamond (a truly gifted artist who passed in her prime) and you have an album that's unbelievably fun to listen to and just plain unbelievable! 4 stars

For Mandela

Mood Infrared


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STEPS (trio)


Steps - A bestseller and an artist's favorite. Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Jeff Johnson, b; Mel Brown, dr. Swing, style and passion.

"I will say on record that I think she is the finest pianist of our time. Her cds are consistently immaculate. For your hard-earned dollars, a Jessica Williams album is a no brainer" - Fred Jung, All About Jazz 5 stars


Joyful Sorrow

The Nine Billion Names of God

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EQUINOX (solo piano)


Equinox - A bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano. Fast and slow, high and low, inspiring originality, all with a focus on communication.

"Her wit and constant sense of swing make her performances so accessible - yet other pianists must at times wonder how she thought of (much less played) a particular phrase!" - Scott Yanow, Author, The All Music Guide, LA JazzScene5 stars

Bemsha Swing


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THE STANDARDS Volume One (trio)

Standards 1

The Standards Volume One - Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Mel Brown, dr. Moving improvisations and explorations on the standard repertoire by one of the best bands in the world.

"When she improvises, it's a bit like listening to Lester Young or Sonny Rollins when it's really happening." - Tom Chandler of Rasputin's 5 stars

I'll be Seeing You

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

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THE STANDARDS Volume Two (trio)

Standards 2

The Standards Volume Two - Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Mel Brown, dr.

"Over the past few years I have written some thousands of words in appreciation of this great artist, but I never cease to be amazed at her phenomenal technique, good taste, imagination, sense of fun, swing, and, above all, her ability to make everything sound bright, new, fresh, and exciting." - Pat Hawes, Jazz Journal International 5 stars

East of the Sun

You do Something to Me

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NOW!!! (trio)


NOW!!! - STRAIGHT-AHEAD JAZZ. Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Mel Brown, dr. Soaring improvisations and sizzling straight-ahead back-to-basics playing.

"She is simply a pianistic force of nature that will not be denied" - C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz. An artist favorite5 stars

Tadd's Delight (full length)


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Plays For Lovers

Jessica Williams Plays for Lovers, a continuing bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano; all standards, one of our all-time best sellers. A stunning collection of beautiful yet original renderings, including That's All, My Foolish Heart, I Wish I knew, Blue Moon, Naima, more.

"Lover or not, all you need is a heart to appreciate the music. Recommended!" - Jorg Knobloch, All About Jazz 5 stars

I Wish I Knew

My Foolish Heart

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PrimeTime - Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Mel Brown, dr. The language of jazz lived and played by like-minded masters of the vocabulary.

"Jessica Williams is one of the finest living jazz pianists around, a fact that is only known by those who are devoted to the music in the first place." - Jazziz Magazine5 stars

"I wouldn't change a thing in her playing." - The Jazz Column, Michael Ullman5 stars

Milestones (full length)

Little Waltz

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UNITY (solo piano live in concert)


Unity - A bestseller, now re-issued. Jessica Williams, solo piano, recorded live in concert at the famous Triple Door in Seattle, WA; a magical and hypnotic performance.

"Her technical mastery is equaled by her honest-to-goodness swing; her power matched is by her dexterity. In a word, she's a 'monster.'" - Geraldine Wyckoff, Downbeat Magazine 5 stars

Wise One (full length)

Every Time We Say Goodbye

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VITAL SIGNS (piano, all instruments)

Vital Signs

Vital Signs, Jessica Williams, solo piano, from her collection of amazing and unusual incidents and encounters with the piano. "'Vital Signs' is myself challenging myself on many levels, and stands as a marker, a commitment to exploring the possibilities of the piano, which I am feel I am truly beginning now." The music speaks for itself 5 stars

Vital Signs (full length)

A Healing Song

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ALL ALONE - (out of stock, but offering three full-length free downloads)

All ALone

ALL ALONE - on Maxjazz, limited quantity. Jessica Williams, solo piano

"I could review Jessica Williams' newest release in a single phrase - one of the finest solo piano albums I've ever heard - I could further cite her impeccable taste, remarkable technique, pristine sound and boundless inspiration, but even those descriptions can't adequately delineate the entire package." - Jack Bowers, All About Jazz 5 stars

As Time Goes By (full length)

The Sheikh (full length)

Toshiko (full length)

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LIVE AT YOSHI’S Vol. 1 (out of stock, but offering three full-lenght free downloads)

Live at Yoshi's Volume One (on Maxjazz)

Live at Yoshi’s Volume One - on Maxjazz. Jessica's trio with Victor Lewis, drums and Ray Drummond, bass. Listed in the Top Ten Jazz CDs for 2002 by Billboard and Village Voice5 stars

"This is a GREAT album. This new one should go on the list of all-time great piano albums in the history of jazz. No exaggeration. This is landmark album." - Mark Shapiro, KWRF5 stars

"If Keith Jarrett is jazz's great epic poet, Jessica Williams may be the greatest living lyric poet of the jazz keyboard. She is utterly magnificent." - Jeff Simon, Buffalo.com5 stars

Tutu's Promise (full length)

Heather (full length)

You Say you Care

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LIVE AT THE JBL THEATRE (solo piano live in concert)

Live at the JBL

Live, solo at the JBL Theatre - A bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano, recorded live in concert at the famous JBL Theatre (home of the Experience Music Project honoring Jimi Hendrix) in Seattle, WA.

"Williams has a beautiful touch, and great fluency of both imagination and execution" - Peter Westbrook, Jazz Review5 stars

Birk's Works

The Very Thought of You

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Notice: Outside of the USA, including Canada, orders must be for at least 3 or more CDs

Below, The Limited Editions

The Limited Edition Collection features some of the most significant music that Jessica Williams has made but never found its way to the factory. She records the CDs herself in her professionally equipped studio on her piano, designs the covers and writes the liners herself, duplicates the CDs on industry-standard stand-alone hardware, and hand-assembles the finished product, which she signs and personalizes for you. Sound quality is equal or superior to mass-produced factory CDs, at 44,000HkZ. On Taiyo Yuden Media, the best audio media made, every CD is made entirely by Jessica Williams. These are exclusive items (see them) and available nowhere else.

"Ten years ago, I started Red and Blue, and decided that it needed to provide a special outlet for my most important works that are best appreciated by devotees who possess an intense love of inspired, creative, original Music and an equally intense disdain for shrink-wrap, over-produced displays of ego, slick media hype, lame liner notes, uninspired content, and digipaks. Music is more important than the cover designer. And I still believe that, even in this age of corporate conformity." - Jessica Williams

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Limited Editions available now:

Remember, no shrink-wrap on these! All hand-made by me, signed, and made on pro stand-alone hardware duplicators. I also made the covers. These are available elsewhere, even on iTunes, but they are bootlegs and are not endorsed by my company.

BALLADS (solo piano)


Ballads - New. Solo piano. No hype. Just listen!

Summer Night

My Funny Valentine

It Never Entered my Mind

We'll be together again

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MORE FOR MONK (solo piano)

More for Monk

More For Monk - CONTINUING BESTSELLER. Jessica Williams, solo piano, the definitive tribute to Thelonious Monk; some of his tunes, some originals and standards. Jessica doesn't copy Monk. Monk is simply one of her influences and his spirit permeates this satisfying and deeply sincere tribute date.


Blues Five Spot


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BLUE TUESDAY (solo piano)

Blue Tuesday

Blue Tuesday - A FAVORITE AND A BESTSELLER. Jessica Williams, solo piano, all original compositions. Includes Toshiko, I Remember Bill, Clear Blue Lou, Blue Tuesday, more.


Blue Tuesday

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LIVE AT THE SEASONS (solo piano live in concert)

Live at the Seasons

Live at the Seasons - Recorded at the beautiful Seasons Recital Hall. Jessica Williams, solo piano. Includes Black Tears, My Romance, Alone Together, Afro Blue, Easy to Remember, more.

"The most important creative artists rarely remain at rest. They explore and grow. The piano master Jessica Williams is touched by emerging musical currents in the world. This concert finds her melding new muses with the modern mainstream jazz that has informed her work for four decades." - Doug Ramsey, JazzTimes.

Black Tears

What's New

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OFFERING (solo piano)


Offering - FOR ELVIN JONES. Jessica Williams, solo piano. Quiet, spiritual, beautiful piano music recorded on May 22nd, 2004, played in tribute three days after the passing of Mr Elvin Jones. Spiritual Music in the jazz tradition. Easy to Remember, Nancy With the Laughing Face, I Want to Talk About You, Lonnie's Lament, more.

Ernie's Theme

Nancy With the Laughing Face

A Well of Souls

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PROPHETS (solo piano live in concert)


Prophets - Tunes by Monk, Trane, and Williams. Lonnie's Lament, What's new, Evidence, Crescent, Wise One, Fantasia, more. A gorgeous yet highly charged and spiritually intense set of pieces, recorded live in concert.

"There are no throwaway tracks on this set, nor are there any JW CDs that should be overlooked" - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide5 stars


Fantasia #2

Lonnie's Lament

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TIME TO BURN (trio, live in concert)

Time to Burn

Time to Burn - THE ULTIMATE LIVE TRIO DATE. Jessica Williams, p; Dave Captein, b; Mel Brown, dr. Recorded live in concert at Jazz Alley in Seattle. Deeply swinging, happy jazz music.

"There is nothing Jessica can't do on a piano, and she is one of jazz's most unique, talented and important voices" - Terrell Holmes, All About Jazz


A Night in Tunisia

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LIVE! AT MAYBECK 2001 (solo piano)

Maybeck 2001

Live! at Maybeck 2001 - A bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano, recorded live in concert at Maybeck in Berkeley, CA in 2001; a total artistic and aesthetic success. Contains Rahsaan's Black Diamond and Jessica's Kayla.

The Creator has a Master Plan

The Child Within

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DEDICATED TO YOU (solo piano)

Dedicated to You

Dedicated to You - A bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano, mixed program of standards and originals.

"If you want to hear blazing speed and awesome time, here it is! Another incredible album by Jessica Williams" - Pat Hawes, Jazz Journal International

That Old Feeling

Where or When

Sue's Blues

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IT'S JESSICA'S TIME (solo piano)

Jessicas Time

It's Jessica's Time - A long-time bestseller. Jessica Williams, solo piano recorded live in concert in Seattle WA at Jazz Alley.

"Jessica Williams is one of the more versatile and astonishing pianists out there! Four and a half stars for It's Jessica's Time!" - George Fendel - JazzScene

The Sheikh

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JAZZ IMPRESSIONS OF SPAIN (piano, all instruments)


Jazz Impressions of Spain - BEAUTIFUL, PASSIONATE. Jessica Williams, pianist, composer, all instruments. Including the 18-minute solo piano Concerto and Meditations, composed while in Santander, Spain. Written and recorded right after her tour of this mysterious and beautiful country.

Black Smile

El Salvador


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MILLENNIAL MEDITATIONS (piano, all instruments)


Millennial Meditations - A musical vision for our times. Jessica Williams, solo piano, composer, and trio; contains Jessica's Nightwatch, the music used for the HBO special The Comedian about the life of Jerry Seinfeld, plus the original version of The Judge.

The Judge


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VIRTUAL MILES Volume One (piano, all instruments)

Virtual Miles Vol 1

Virtual Miles Volume One - It has been called awesome and is still a buyer's favorite. Jessica Williams pays tribute to Miles Davis; enchanting, powerful, all original music. You have never heard anything quite like this, and it will leave you spellbound!

Prince of Darkness

Etcetera (full length)

Miles to Go

To Tony Williams

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VIRTUAL MILES Volume Two (piano, all instruments)

Virtual Miles Vol 2

Virtual Miles Volume Two - Uncategorizable, groove-oriented jazz with a hypnotic beat and experimental bent. Jessica Williams pays tribute to Miles Davis again . . . new technologies, new Music, totally original and hot off the CD burners. All Jessica Williams compositions, with acoustic piano throughout.


Country Miles

Dat for Nat

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WITHOUT WALLS (piano, all instruments)

Without Walls

Without Walls - A favorite. Jessica Williams, pianist, composer, all instruments. Contains the beautiful and haunting Poem in G Minor, a mesmerizing ode to Miles Davis, Slant, and a winning version of one of Jessica's most requested tunes, Heather. Not for die hard traditionalists, this is Music with one foot in the future.

Haunted Melody


Mood Swing

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SONG FOR YUSEF (piano, all instruments)

Song for Yusef

Song for Yusef - A tribute to the master. Jessica plays piano, flutes, bass and drums, and just generally has lots of fun! All original music, dedicated to one of the world's unsung jazz heroes and consummate giants, Yusef Lateef. Jessica plays acoustic piano, real wooden flutes, and real drums on this one. An artist favorite.

Like like Someone in Love

The Ancient (full length)

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