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#feb 13 2018

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#feb 11 2018

# Attention to those of you in the media that hurt our cause for freedom with disinformation and lies — It hurts all of us and brings violence to our community. I want freedom that's not based on appearances, but this is still a backwards time for us, and visuals stick with everyone, me included. We're trying to live our lives with honor and dignity. Frankly, most of us deplore being made political and religious footballs for rich, greedy politicians, and we have a long way to go.

legs wiliams

This is the time to stand for something that you deeply believe in. In my experience, trans people are some of the most gifted, helpful, loving people I've ever known, and I haven't known nearly enough. We pass each other in food stores but never speak due to our fear of hurting each other's feelings. That's not a good thing. We need to be together. Loneliness is a scourge in our community.

We live in the Age of Identity. Stand up straight and be proud of yours. Your courage will make us all a little freer, a little safer.

Remember Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus, whoever you really admire, and emulate their behaviors in these times of difficulty. If we fight each other from within, we create civil war, not civil disobedience. Remember who your are opponents are. It's not me. It's ignorance and fear that we fight, so we must be fearless, but measured. Think before you speak or act, and be a good role-model for the kids that follow us. After all, this isn't about us, is it? I mean, yes, we have to live, we have to do the work. But it's about the future, about the kids. Right?


# feb 9 2018

# Listen . . .

A new composition of mine — a piano sonata using my stringless piano, the Yamaha NU-1, no line-in, using microphones to get an acoustic feel. I had originally used a "working title" so the filename may not match the song. It's classical-sounding, inspired by Frederick Chopin's famous nocturnes. Morning Serenade

#feb 11 2018

# selfies and stuff

me in a corner

Me in kitchen - 1 feb 2018


too much fun

Old at 70? Really? Duncan bought me a pink Android. I had no idea what I was missing by not having a cell phone!



My man Duncan. Husband, friend lover, twin flame, you know, the whole "I'm taken" routine.


duncan and i

A selfie from last year. We look better now, I think (2018).


ancient photo — needs carbon-dating


Way back before FFS. But I was doing it, and I'm not done. I found this one on the web, and there are plenty more. I had to let the boys take tons of pictures of me. Most of them were varying shades of awful. But this one really blows horns . . .




I learned never to live according to other's opinions. Who are others to say who I am? Who am I? We spend our lives figuring that out. Some of us, anyway.

It's hard to let attachments go, but if you don't, you'll never be fully alive. You'll get stuck living your boring past over and over and over. There's no fun in memories. They're not real. They happened and then they stopped happening.

It's the past. Get over it.

Write a book about my life? Are you kidding? I have a new life to live. I'm too busy to write much, right now!

As for all of the nice people who think their life is so important . . . they write the books. Let them. I'm not going to have time to read any of them.


From Google+ . . .






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# feb 1 2018

Nov 10 2017

Donations for a piano for me are welcomed here, or you can buy my music here.


He looks really hot from the back . . .

captain america

. . .

rocket and yondu

Rockett and Yondu are a lot alike. They look good from all angles. What girl in America isn't in love with Commander Rocket?



# july 20, 2017



When I died in back surgery, something changed in me. Technique and speed at the piano were not only less attractive, they were not possible. I am not Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is.


I read Deepak Chopra, and he tells me that I can live another 50 years. I am willing to accept this, with one slight change: I won't ever die. Chopra and I, we rock.


On individuality


There's only one me in the entire Universe. Or at least in this Galaxy.



Who, Moi?

And you are incomparably, unreservedly, and hopefully unapologetically YOU!

Go with the flow of it, grow with the flow of it, and listen to this


Dec 7 2017

This can save lives and promote change. It can treat PTSD and lift a person out of depression. It's relatively easy, free, and it solidifies one's identity. It's very very important:

Changing Her Tune: How a Transwoman Claims A New Identity Through Voice

by Katharine Stoel Gammon, B.A. Anthropology Princeton University, 2003

The human voice is an important indicator of a person’s gender. For male-to-female transgender individuals (or transsexuals) the voice is one of the most difficult parts of the gender transition. Males have larger and heavier vocal apparatuses (larynx and vocal folds), which generally produce a lower sound. Transgender women can have voice surgery, but it can sometimes cause a Minnie Mouse-like falsetto or the complete loss of the voice. As a result, many transgendered women turn to specially trained voice therapists to learn how to speak more convincingly like women. The voice’s pitch, although important, is not the only factor in creating a more female sound. Intonation, resonance, volume, speech patterns and formant frequencies also play significant roles in making a realistic feminine sound. There continue to be many unanswered questions about how listeners perceive the voices of transgender women and how best to blend the voices of transwomen into a comfortable range. Transgender women have many hurdles to face as they transition from male to female, and possessing an authentic voice is a way to smooth out the bumpy path they face. Read more

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#you can tell I'm using adobe software. the word transgender isn't in its spell-check library. adobe, not surprised.

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in the road, a raccoon

#truly amazing


above: Well, THAT certainly messed up my life!

I'm doing well. I am actually better than when I was in my thirties, because I was always in pain. When it hurts, I treat it and my PTSD with cannabis hybrids or CBD/RSO Oil. It cures just about everything, or at least makes life way better. Awesome, even!



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