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  1. Free downloads of my newest music, which will be out on disk eventually.
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  3. How to have me create a personal CD for you or someone you love. I record compositions that I write for you as an individual or a family member. Write to me
  4. CDs for sale of which I may only have 1 or 2 left in stock, and you'll be able to buy them here
  5. My thoughts about a variety of current subjects, usually winding up in CURRENTS, my writing and poetry of the last 50 years. Christ, I'm old.

How I'd approach a book about my life

I can see now that I'll have to do it alone, by my autistic, dyslexia-addled self, just like I have to do everything else that I want done properly. Take that, you ghost-writers and editors who avoid me because I'm controversial, and perhaps a teeny-tiny bit of a perfectionist — you are missing out on the big gold-rush when I die. When I'm dead, I won't be controversial anymore because the things that make me controversial are the same things that make money!

Honestly, I guess first, I'd find out if anyone cares. I mean, I care, my husband cares, but will anyone else read it?

Wait! I'll be 71 on March 17, 2019. I might have another 20 years!

No, cacophonic musicianers and baby beebie-joobies*, I'm not done yet. I'm saving the best 20 for last.

Big finish, maximum effort, minimum results.



SocMed Blows Horns

My Pinterest page, featuring "I Believe in Dog", "The Cat's Meow", "People who are Nice to Look at", and "Change (without it, no Universe)", and "Wisdom for Dummies".

My Tumblr page, another look at my "profile". This is why I don't allow Facebook in my life. My profile is I'm on the no-fly list with the TSA. I can still fly, but not as me. The TSA has to give me a clearance every time I fly. Okay, flew. I don't fly anymore. Why is that important anyway? See? This is why I don't wanna write a book.

My Wikipedia page, featuring a short bio for the factoid-deprived.

My Twitter page, my least favorite site because it's about news and my PTSD and I don't do news. We're allergic. But my screen-name is cool: @chirpsville

My youTube page, maybe 30 videos of me being me on stage. I'm a knock-out at 70, but back then I was always in pain. I was born with a bad back, and I will die with a few pounds of metal rods and pedicle screws in my spine, holding me erect. My pain is tractable now with CBD, RSO, and all of the wonderful cannabis products that make my mind work in a semi-normal way. I talk, walk, and respond to most stimulus. I am an android. 0-1, 0-1, 1-0. 0.

My LinkedIn page, on a laid-back, Canadian job site. I say Canadian because the people there are nice, it's no hassle, they still don't care about my mobile phone number, and they haven't asked for money yet. Them, I use to write a new article for, every decade or so . . . but since I have been virtually jobless for 7 decades now, I suppose my popularity waned shortly before my birth.

My favorite places to hash out my superfluous inanities and meandering banalities used to be East Coast night clubs that stayed open until 6am. When I quit all of my bad habits 19 years ago, and stopped hanging out with jazz musicians, I woke up with no gigs and no friends. The bar was where business was done. Later in my career it was concert halls and community centers, but that was even worse. The administrators and bureaucrats were hostile, alien life-forms, most probably carnivorous in nature.

Lay down with Tlielaxian Overlords, get up with hermetic paraglobulin immunodeficiency.

Bad stuff.


Voice UP, young trans girls and women

It can treat PTSD and lift a person out of depression. It's relatively easy, free, and it solidifies one's identity. It's very very important:

Changing Her Tune: How a Trans-woman Claims A New Identity Through Voice

by Katharine Stoel Gammon, B.A. Anthropology Princeton University, 2003

The human voice is an important indicator of a person’s gender. For male-to-female transgender individuals (or transsexuals) the voice is one of the most difficult parts of the gender transition. Males have larger and heavier vocal apparatuses (larynx and vocal folds), which generally produce a lower sound. Transgender women can have voice surgery, but it can sometimes cause a Minnie Mouse-like falsetto or the complete loss of the voice. As a result, many transgendered women turn to specially trained voice therapists to learn how to speak more convincingly like women. The voice’s pitch, although important, is not the only factor in creating a more female sound. Intonation, resonance, volume, speech patterns and formant frequencies also play significant roles in making a realistic feminine sound. There continue to be many unanswered questions about how listeners perceive the voices of transgender women and how best to blend the voices of transwomen into a comfortable range. Transgender women have many hurdles to face as they transition from male to female, and possessing an authentic voice is a way to smooth out the bumpy path they face. Read more

Jessica has legs!

We have proof!

jessica has legs


A word you just can't stop saying

That's what it is, you know. Kind of like a H'aint, a Curse, a word that hurts. You know, like "she put the beebie-joobies on him". We used to do that all the time, put the beebie-joobies on jazz musicians who played West Coast time. If you stopped tapping your foot, the bass player and drummer would slow down, sometimes until they stopped playing all together (for real). That's when I would scream at them across the stage . . . "Hey, ass-hat beebie-joobies! Wake up! We're on the gig. Wake UP! I curse your mustache, beebie-joobies!"

Actually, I just made it up. It sounds real, though, doesn't it?


Ouch! I bet that hurts!

Jessica sensed that it was no average day at the spa.


above: Well, THAT certainly messed up my life!

I'm doing well. I am actually better than when I was in my thirties, because I was always in pain. When it hurts, I treat it and my PTSD with cannabis hybrids or CBD/RSO Oil. It cures just about everything, or at least makes life way better. Awesome, even!



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