Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

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(You chose to escape.)

I'm not on Facebook too much. I was addicted. I have come to prefer the real world.

My YouTube channel is herenew window

My Wikipedia pageis herenew window

I love that I am who I am. I love that change is the natural state of being in this Universe, and across the Multiverse. Stephen Hawking rocks.

I continue to grow and change. I even fell in love and I married him recently, and changed my last name to his. He's my third and best husband — I'm lonely no more.

I'm changing my first name soon. Musicians, artists, and people in The Witness Protection Program do this all the time. Actors do it. When Jennifer Lawrence visits the small town where she lives, they know her as someone who just looks like Jennifer Lawrence, by a totally different name.

You can't believe that Betty Joan Perske would have made it with that name. She didn't. She changed it to Lauren Bacall. Look up Cary Grant . . . you won't believe his real name.

I don't look 70 because I don't feel old. Deepak Chopra puts an average lifetime for an unstressed, unpolluted human at 150-200 years. Stephen Hawking was supposed to die at 22. He's 75new window now. I am going for 106.

I was a prodigy. I played piano quite intelligibly at age 3. They gave me a Guggenheim. I played all over the Northern hemisphere. I lived in many cities, some in the EU, particularly Copenhagen, Denmark. I became popularnew window and released 85 CDs and 6 LPs, starting over 40 years ago. All under my own name, as leader or soloist.

I played with many innovators like Tony Williams and Stan Getz, and even one concert with Miss Sarah Vaughnnew window

My iTunes page is herenew window — I think — and my Amazon page is here . . . I get no money from either of them. They are corporations who think Citizens United is a pretty cool idea.

All the critics were very nice to me from the beginning.

I treat my body with great respect. It carries my soul. I eat healthy. I sleep well. I love being alive! I love being. And I embrace positive change by becoming.

"Becoming is superior to being."Paul Klee

Praise the lord and pass the lard.

"There are no atheists in foxholes!"

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